Commit af445bd0 authored by Alyssa Rosenzweig's avatar Alyssa Rosenzweig

midgard: Update orphan move elimination

parent ed740a98
......@@ -2660,7 +2660,7 @@ map_ssa_to_alias(compiler_context *ctx, int *ref)
static void
midgard_eliminate_orphan_moves(compiler_context *ctx, midgard_block *block)
mir_foreach_instr_in_block(ctx, block, ins) {
mir_foreach_instr_in_block_safe(ctx, block, ins) {
if (!ins->uses_ssa) continue;
if (ins->type != TAG_ALU_4) continue;
......@@ -2991,7 +2991,7 @@ emit_block(compiler_context *ctx, nir_block *block)
/* Perform heavylifting for aliasing */
//midgard_eliminate_orphan_moves(ctx, this_block);
midgard_eliminate_orphan_moves(ctx, this_block);
midgard_pair_load_store(ctx, this_block);
/* Append fragment shader epilogue (value writeout) */
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