Commit 769ae9fb authored by Timothy Arceri's avatar Timothy Arceri

nir: fix condition propagation when src has a swizzle

We cannot use nir_build_alu() to create the new alu as it has no
way to know how many components of the src we will use. This
results in it guessing the max number of components from one of
its inputs.

Fixes the following CTS tests:

Fixes: 2975422c ("nir: propagates if condition evaluation down some alu chains")
Reviewed-by: Jason Ekstrand's avatarJason Ekstrand <>
parent b9dec214
......@@ -391,6 +391,34 @@ evaluate_if_condition(nir_if *nif, nir_cursor cursor, bool *value)
static nir_ssa_def *
clone_alu_and_replace_src_defs(nir_builder *b, const nir_alu_instr *alu,
nir_ssa_def **src_defs)
nir_alu_instr *nalu = nir_alu_instr_create(b->shader, alu->op);
nalu->exact = alu->exact;
nir_ssa_dest_init(&nalu->instr, &nalu->dest.dest,
alu->dest.dest.ssa.bit_size, alu->;
nalu->dest.saturate = alu->dest.saturate;
nalu->dest.write_mask = alu->dest.write_mask;
for (unsigned i = 0; i < nir_op_infos[alu->op].num_inputs; i++) {
nalu->src[i].src = nir_src_for_ssa(src_defs[i]);
nalu->src[i].negate = alu->src[i].negate;
nalu->src[i].abs = alu->src[i].abs;
memcpy(nalu->src[i].swizzle, alu->src[i].swizzle,
nir_builder_instr_insert(b, &nalu->instr);
return &nalu->dest.dest.ssa;;
* This propagates if condition evaluation down the chain of some alu
* instructions. For example by checking the use of some of the following alu
......@@ -456,7 +484,8 @@ propagate_condition_eval(nir_builder *b, nir_if *nif, nir_src *use_src,
def[i] = alu->src[i].src.ssa;
nir_ssa_def *nalu = nir_build_alu(b, alu->op, def[0], def[1], def[2], def[3]);
nir_ssa_def *nalu = clone_alu_and_replace_src_defs(b, alu, def);
/* Rewrite use to use new alu instruction */
nir_src new_src = nir_src_for_ssa(nalu);
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