Commit 6c0482e1 authored by Eric Anholt's avatar Eric Anholt

drm-uapi: Update drm_fourcc.h for new format modifiers.

This brings in the Broadcom VC4 SAND and V3D 3.x+ UIF modifiers, from
drm-next commit 4da1d4c751c9b1b713c13043bad7c4d27cd1418c.
parent 201ebf51
......@@ -384,6 +384,23 @@ extern "C" {
fourcc_mod_code(NVIDIA, 0x15)
* Some Broadcom modifiers take parameters, for example the number of
* vertical lines in the image. Reserve the lower 32 bits for modifier
* type, and the next 24 bits for parameters. Top 8 bits are the
* vendor code.
#define __fourcc_mod_broadcom_param_shift 8
#define __fourcc_mod_broadcom_param_bits 48
#define fourcc_mod_broadcom_code(val, params) \
fourcc_mod_code(BROADCOM, ((((__u64)params) << __fourcc_mod_broadcom_param_shift) | val))
#define fourcc_mod_broadcom_param(m) \
((int)(((m) >> __fourcc_mod_broadcom_param_shift) & \
((1ULL << __fourcc_mod_broadcom_param_bits) - 1)))
#define fourcc_mod_broadcom_mod(m) \
((m) & ~(((1ULL << __fourcc_mod_broadcom_param_bits) - 1) << \
* Broadcom VC4 "T" format
......@@ -405,6 +422,69 @@ extern "C" {
#define DRM_FORMAT_MOD_BROADCOM_VC4_T_TILED fourcc_mod_code(BROADCOM, 1)
* Broadcom SAND format
* This is the native format that the H.264 codec block uses. For VC4
* HVS, it is only valid for H.264 (NV12/21) and RGBA modes.
* The image can be considered to be split into columns, and the
* columns are placed consecutively into memory. The width of those
* columns can be either 32, 64, 128, or 256 pixels, but in practice
* only 128 pixel columns are used.
* The pitch between the start of each column is set to optimally
* switch between SDRAM banks. This is passed as the number of lines
* of column width in the modifier (we can't use the stride value due
* to various core checks that look at it , so you should set the
* stride to width*cpp).
* Note that the column height for this format modifier is the same
* for all of the planes, assuming that each column contains both Y
* and UV. Some SAND-using hardware stores UV in a separate tiled
* image from Y to reduce the column height, which is not supported
* with these modifiers.
fourcc_mod_broadcom_code(2, v)
fourcc_mod_broadcom_code(3, v)
fourcc_mod_broadcom_code(4, v)
fourcc_mod_broadcom_code(5, v)
/* Broadcom UIF format
* This is the common format for the current Broadcom multimedia
* blocks, including V3D 3.x and newer, newer video codecs, and
* displays.
* The image consists of utiles (64b blocks), UIF blocks (2x2 utiles),
* and macroblocks (4x4 UIF blocks). Those 4x4 UIF block groups are
* stored in columns, with padding between the columns to ensure that
* moving from one column to the next doesn't hit the same SDRAM page
* bank.
* To calculate the padding, it is assumed that each hardware block
* and the software driving it knows the platform's SDRAM page size,
* number of banks, and XOR address, and that it's identical between
* all blocks using the format. This tiling modifier will use XOR as
* necessary to reduce the padding. If a hardware block can't do XOR,
* the assumption is that a no-XOR tiling modifier will be created.
#define DRM_FORMAT_MOD_BROADCOM_UIF fourcc_mod_code(BROADCOM, 6)
#if defined(__cplusplus)
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