Commit 49eb5e75 authored by Dongwon Kim's avatar Dongwon Kim Committed by Matt Turner enable_asm=yes when x-compiling across same X86 arch

Currently, configure script is forcing 'enable_asm' to be 'no'
whenever cross-compilation is performed on X86 host. This is
based on an assumption that target architecture is different
from host's (i.e. ARM). But there's always a case that we do
cross-compilation for target that is also X86 based just like
host in which same ASM codes will be supported. 'enable_asm'
should not be forced to be "no" anymore in this case.

v2: corrected commit message
Reviewed-by: Matt Turner's avatarMatt Turner <>
Signed-off-by: 's avatarDongwon Kim <>
parent d6b92028
......@@ -704,8 +704,10 @@ test "x$enable_asm" = xno && AC_MSG_RESULT([no])
if test "x$enable_asm" = xyes -a "x$cross_compiling" = xyes; then
case "$host_cpu" in
i?86 | x86_64 | amd64)
AC_MSG_RESULT([no, cross compiling])
if test "x$host_cpu" != "x$target_cpu"; then
AC_MSG_RESULT([no, cross compiling])
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