Commit 3b888f53 authored by Michel Dänzer's avatar Michel Dänzer Committed by Michel Dänzer GLX cannot work without OpenGL

GLX uses mapi/glapi/, which is only built for OpenGL.

If the user specified --enable-xlib-glx --disable-opengl, error out, as these
cannot be both observed at the same time. If the user just specified
--disable-opengl but not --disable-glx, print a warning and disable GLX as

NOTE: This is a candidate for the stable branches.

Bugzilla: 's avatarTom Stellard <>
parent 9824755d
......@@ -701,6 +701,16 @@ if test "x$enable_dri$enable_xlib_glx" = xyesyes; then
AC_MSG_ERROR([DRI and Xlib-GLX cannot be built together])
if test "x$enable_opengl$enable_xlib_glx" = xnoyes; then
AC_MSG_ERROR([Xlib-GLX cannot be built without OpenGL])
# Disable GLX if OpenGL is not enabled
if test "x$enable_glx$enable_opengl" = xyesno; then
AC_MSG_WARN([OpenGL not enabled, disabling GLX])
# Disable GLX if DRI and Xlib-GLX are not enabled
if test "x$enable_glx" = xyes -a \
"x$enable_dri" = xno -a \
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