Commit 2a50187a authored by Dylan Noblesmith's avatar Dylan Noblesmith Committed by Eric Anholt

Make configure work with clang

It was mistaking clang for gcc and deciding its version
was too low.
parent e637f8b4
......@@ -48,9 +48,23 @@ solaris*)
dnl clang is mostly GCC-compatible, but its version is much lower,
dnl so we have to check for it.
AC_MSG_CHECKING([if compiling with clang])
#ifndef __clang__
not clang
[CLANG=yes], [CLANG=no])
dnl If we're using GCC, make sure that it is at least version 3.3.0. Older
dnl versions are explictly not supported.
if test "x$GCC" = xyes; then
if test "x$GCC" = xyes -a "x$CLANG" = xno; then
AC_MSG_CHECKING([whether gcc version is sufficient])
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