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      Fixes bugzilla #1730. · 23a4f50c
      Ian Romanick authored
      Make sure that all the values used in the clean-up code are initialized at
      some point.  It is still unclear to me as to why GCC does not complain.  I
      suspect the problem may be due to the depth of if-statement nesting.
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      Fixes bugzillla #812. · 6965f2cb
      Ian Romanick authored
      The weak version of _glapi_DispatchTSD was removed from dri_util.c.  As
      stated in the bug report, this was only needed to support versions of libGL
      that did not have this symbol.  Versions of libGL without this symbol are no
      longer supported at all, so it is totally irrelevant.
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      remove the drmAddress · 928218a2
      Alan Hourihane authored
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      In order to create the set of available extensions, we have to know if · 6bc24c5c
      Ian Romanick authored
      direct-rendering is possible on a given screen.  It is not possible to
      determine this by just looking at driDisplay.private in the display
      structure.  However, it is possible to determine this by looking at
      driScreen.private in the screen structure.  This field is only non-NULL if a
      DRI driver has been successfully loaded and bootstrapped.  Once we get to
      that point, we know that direct-rendering is at least theoretically
      This fixes bugzilla #2875.
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      Fix recent problems with display lists and other parts of the code. · 126c89e3
      Ian Romanick authored
      CALL_by_offset, SET_by_offset, and GET_by_offset all had various problems.
      The core issue is that parts of the device-independent code in Mesa assumes
      that all functions have slots in the dispatch table.  This is especially
      true in the display list code.  It will merrilly try to set dispatch
      pointers for glVertexAttrib1fARB even if GL_ARB_vertex_program is not
      supported.  When the GET/SET/CALL macros are invoked, they would read a 0
      from the remap table.  The problem is that 0 is the dispatch offset for
      One change is that the remap table is now initialized to be full of -1
      values.  In addtion, all of the *_by_offset marcos misbehave in an obvious
      way if the specified offset is -1.  SET_by_offset will do nothing,
      GET_by_offset will return NULL, and CALL_by_offset, since it uses
      GET_by_offset, will segfault.
      I also had to add GL_EXT_blend_func_separate to the list of default
      extensions in all_mesa_extensions (src/mesa/drivers/dri/common/utils.c).
      Even though many drivers do not export this extension, glBlendFunc is
      internally implemented by calling glBlendFuncSeparate.  Without this
      addition, glBlendFunc stopped working on drivers (such as mga) that do not
      export GL_EXT_blend_func_separate.
      There are still a few assertions / crashes in GL_ARB_vertex_program tests,
      but I don't think that these are related to any of my changes.
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      Remove EGL from linux-solo makefile · 33f5e47f
      Jon Smirl authored
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