1. 02 Feb, 2010 5 commits
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      docs: Update for EGL environment variables. · 7fc35811
      Chia-I Wu authored
      Mention that EGL_DRIVER should be a full path, and add a link from
      envvars.html to egl.html.
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      progs/es2: Fix an assertion failure in tri. · 5fa4ea29
      Chia-I Wu authored
      EGL_SURFACE_TYPE is a config attribute, not a surface attribute.  Thanks
      to Mike Stroyan for pointing out this error.
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      st/mesa: fix texture deallocation bug · bdf975e9
      Brian Paul authored
      This fixes a bug reported by Christoph Bumiller on mesa3d-dev.
      When a texture is first created as RGBA, then re-defined with
      glTexImage(internalFormat=GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT) we failed to deallocate
      the original texture.  When this texture was bound as a FBO surface,
      the depth/Z surface format was RGBA instead of Z.  Depending on the
      driver this led to a failed assertion or FBO validation failure.
      This patch does three things:
      1. Remove ancient code that mysteriously tested if we were replacing
      the smallest mipmap level and tested if the texture was not a cube map
      texture.  I can't see any reason for those tests.
      2. Move the width=height=depth=0 test to after the code which frees
      texture data.  Calling glTexImage with width=height=depth=0 and data=NULL
      is a way to free a single mipmap level.
      3. Update the code comments.
      There are no apparent conform, glean or piglit regressions from this change.
      (cherry picked from commit 43e4b584227534e30e487e7fb7e99d6501cbcd85)
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      progs/tests: add another FBO test to exercise a RGBA vs. Z texture bug · 04b14e26
      Brian Paul authored
      See comments in file for more details.
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      mesa: change _mesa_find_free_register() to find multiple free regs · a2ddb3d2
      Brian Paul authored
      Before, _mesa_find_free_register() would scan the given shader to
      find a free/unused register of the given type.  But subsequent calls
      would return the same register again.  This caused a failure in the
      _mesa_remove_output_reads() function which sometimes needs several
      free temps.
      Now use a new function which build a vector of 'used' flags and another
      function which searches that vector for an unused register starting at
      a position that's incremented for each call.
      Fixes fd.o bug 26317.  Note that a regression test for this has been
      added to the glean/glsl1 test.
      (cherry picked from commit e0d01c9d7f46ccd531f8dd1a04c5ac067200ef1e)
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