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NOTE: this information is obsolete for Mesa 3.1. Due to the big
changes in the Mesa code, the threads support is out of date.
Someone will have to review/update it.
Mesa Threads README
Mesa 2.6 is the starting point for an effort to make Mesa
safe in multithreaded applications. The files src/mthreads.c and
src/mthreads.h provide a platform independent threads API which Mesa
uses internally to provide thread-safe operation. At present the mthreads
code supports three thread APIS:
1) POSIX threads (aka pthreads).
2) Solaris / Unix International threads.
3) Win32 threads (Win 95/NT).
Here's the current list of targets which enable multithreaded handling
in Mesa:
linux-386-pthread for Linux w/ Intel assembly and linuxthreads
sunos5-thread for Suns with SunOS 5.x, using Solaris threads
sunos5-pthread for Suns with SunOS 5.[56] using POSIX threads
sunos5-gcc-thread for Suns with SunOS 5.x and GCC, using Solaris threads
sunos5-gcc-pthread for Suns with SunOS 5.[56] and GCC, using POSIX threads
In order to use Mesa with a multithreaded application, Mesa must be compiled
using one of the thread-enabled configurations. In cases where a platform
supports multiple APIs which are acceptable to Mesa, Mesa must be built
with the same threads API as the application in order for things to work
properly. For example, Solaris >= 2.5 support both POSIX threads and
Sun's own threads API. In order to guarantee proper operation, it is
necessary for both Mesa and application code to use the same threads API.
So, if your application uses Sun's thread API, then you should build Mesa
using one of the targets for Sun threads.
Since this effort is still very much a work in progress, not all
aspects of Mesa are thread safe. As of this release (Mesa 2.6) only the
osmesa drivers have been made MT-safe. As work continues, other drivers
such as the X11 drivers will also incorporate MT-safe features.
The mtdemos directory contains some example programs which use
multiple threads to render to osmesa rendering context(s).
Linux users should be aware that there exist many different POSIX
threads packages. The best solution is the linuxthreads package
( as this package is the
only one that really supports multiprocessor machines (AFAIK). See for further
information about the usage of linuxthreads.
If you are interested in helping develop MT-safe Mesa, please send email
to and who are the two most
directly involved in this effort currently. Similarly, if you have problems
using the MT-safe builds of Mesa, please send us comments/bugs etc.
Future versions of Mesa will include more extensive documentation related
to multithreading. This is the first release of our work, so please bear
with us.
John Stone --
Christoph Poliwoda --
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