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comments regarding window sizing

parent 3c28d1e2
......@@ -371,11 +371,14 @@ _mesa_ReadBuffer( GLenum mode )
* GL_MESA_resize_buffers extension
* When this function is called, we'll ask the window system how large
* the current window is. If it's not what we expect, we'll have to
* resize/reallocate the software accum/stencil/depth/alpha buffers.
* the current window is. If it's a new size, we'll call the driver's
* ResizeBuffers function. The driver will then resize its color buffers
* as needed, and maybe call the swrast's routine for reallocating
* swrast-managed depth/stencil/accum/etc buffers.
* \note This function may be called from within Mesa or called by the
* user directly (see the GL_MESA_resize_buffers extension).
_mesa_ResizeBuffersMESA( void )
......@@ -414,9 +414,13 @@ _mesa_Viewport( GLint x, GLint y, GLsizei width, GLsizei height )
* Define a new viewport and reallocate auxillary buffers if the size of
* the window (color buffer) has changed.
* Set new viewport parameters and update derived state (the _WindowMap
* matrix). Usually called from _mesa_Viewport().
* \note We also call _mesa_ResizeBuffersMESA() because this is a good
* time to check if the window has been resized. Many device drivers
* can't get direct notification from the window system of size changes
* so this is an ad-hoc solution to that problem.
_mesa_set_viewport( GLcontext *ctx, GLint x, GLint y,
......@@ -458,7 +462,10 @@ _mesa_set_viewport( GLcontext *ctx, GLint x, GLint y,
ctx->NewState |= _NEW_VIEWPORT;
/* Check if window/buffer has been resized and if so, reallocate the
* ancillary buffers.
* ancillary buffers. This is an ad-hoc solution to detecting window
* size changes. 99% of all GL apps call glViewport when a window is
* resized so this is a good time to check for new window dims and
* reallocate color buffers and ancilliary buffers.
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