Commit a98dccca authored by Alan Hourihane's avatar Alan Hourihane

glsl: fix regression from sampler arrays commit

parent 1b3e3e6b
......@@ -4292,10 +4292,8 @@ _slang_codegen_global_variable(slang_assemble_ctx *A, slang_variable *var,
const GLuint swizzle = _slang_var_swizzle(totalSize, 0);
GLint sampNum = _mesa_add_sampler(prog->Parameters, varName, datatype);
store = _slang_new_ir_storage_swz(PROGRAM_SAMPLER, sampNum,
totalSize, swizzle);
store = _slang_new_ir_storage(PROGRAM_SAMPLER, sampNum, texIndex);
/* If we have a sampler array, then we need to allocate the
* additional samplers to ensure we don't allocate them elsewhere.
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