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NOTE: The BeOS driver hasn't been updated since Mesa version 2.6.
I'm in the process of writing a new BeOS R4 driver for Mesa 3.x.
-Brian (29 Jan 1999)
BeOS notes
The BeOS driver is implemented through Mesa's
Off-Screen rendering interface. This is the best way
to integrate it into the C++ framework of the BeOS.
As of this second port, the mesa accelerated 3Dfx driver
is also supported.
The TK and AUX are partially supported but somewhat unstable.
Installing the library
You'll have to build the library, and copy the files from
Mesa2.6/lib/ into your /boot/home/config/lib/ directory.
Rebuilding the library
Type 'make beos-ppc', 'make beos-x86', or 'make beos-glide' (for the accelerated version)
in the Mesa2.6/ directory to compile the library and the demos.
You will naturally need the unlimited linker.
For the x86 version you will have to play with the OSMesaCreateContext() parameters
as the OSMESA_BGRA used in the ppc version makes the colors screwy in the x86
version (damn little endian CPU....), see line 897 of src-tk/tkbeos.cpp and
include/GL/osmesa.h for more info.
The glide version expects the library to be in your
/boot/home/config/lib directory, and the glide/ directory (containing
at least the include/ directory) to be in the same directory as the
Mesa-2.6 directory. These files are in the package, see the
changes section.
BeOS demos
I have converted some of the supplied demo into
BeOS specific code to show how to integrate
Mesa into your own projects. Look in the BeOS/
directory to test them.
NOTE that these demos directly use the OSMesa driver and
don't work with the glide version of the library. Looking
at src-tk/tkbeos.cpp it should be trivial to convert them
to an accelerated version.
For animation demos try the 'wave' and the 'logo'
wave demo keys:
c Toggle contouring mode.
s Toggle flat/smooth shade mode.
l Toggle lighting mode.
d Toggle depth checking mode.
a Toggle spin mode.
logo demo keys:
LEFT Rotate.
RIGHT Rotate
UP Move clipping plane.
DOWN Move clipping plane.
Z Translate.
z Translate.
1 Use GL_POINT polygon mode.
2 Use GL_LINE polygon mode.
3 Use GL_FILL polygon mode.
p Toggle polygon fill modes.
5 Use anti-aliased polygon mode.
6 Use aliased polygon mode.
8 Toggle dither mode.
9 Toggle stipple polygon mode.
0 Toggle flat/smooth shading mode.
q Disable cull mode.
w Use front face cull mode.
e Use back face cull mode.
r Use clockwise front face mode.
t Use counter-clockwise front face mode.
y Use MSB first stipple pattern.
u Use LSB first stipple pattern.
a Use brick texture map.
s Use checker texture map.
d Disable texture map.
f Use decal texture environment mode.
g Use modulate texture environment mode.
How to compile the other demos in samples/ and demos/
Just type
'mwcc demo.c -I../include ../lib/'
or something similar. I especially like the
isosurf.c in demos/ ...
NOTE: R3 has broken the demos, due to some of the code in BeBuild.h. Either make sure that file isn't included or comment out the stuff in the GL section if you want to build the demos.
In the second release I (Duncan Wilcox) have reworked
the Makefiles a bit, and added out of the box support for
the 3Dfx drivers by David Bucciarelli. To use or build the
3Dfx versions, you'll need the Glide driver ported to BeOS
by Be, Inc. The file is called, and currently is
I didn't have time to work on a BeOS version of GLUT, but
the version that Jake Hamby ( ported is probably
the best start, if you want to try and adapt it to Mesa. You
can find that at
While it's a bit of a hack, you'll find that src-tk/tkbeos.cpp
provides most of the ideas to use Mesa in a BeOS application both for
off screen and accelerated rendering.*
The libraries have been split into four (,,,
Tinic Uro did most of the work with the first BeOS port, at DR8.2 time.
*The tkbeos.cpp file has been updated slightly to fix some mouse problems.
Also the Makefiles have been updated to support x86 versions.
- implementing a BeOS context.
- Better support of the TK and AUX package.*
- Speedups
- split into four shared libraries.**
- bugfixes
- a FXhack similar to the X driver, to use glide
acceleration in a window
*fixed, see Changes section above.
Send bugreports, comments and other stuff to:
Tinic Uro <>
Duncan Wilcox <>
Ed Silva <>
Mesa / BeOS Information
Mesa 3.1 features a new driver for the BeOS. The new driver implements
a clone of the BGLView class. This class, derived from BView, allows
OpenGL rendering into a BeOS window.
Any application which uses the BGLView should be able to use Mesa
instead of Be's OpenGL without changing any code.
Since Be's OpenGL implementation (as of R4) is basically just the
SGI sample implementation, it's pretty slow. You'll see that Mesa
is considerably faster.
Source Code
The source code for the driver is in Mesa-3.1/src/BeOS/GLView.cpp
It's not 100% finished at this time but many GLUT-based demos are
working. Specifically, color index mode isn't implemented at all.
No optimizations have been made at this time. Any volunteers?
Simply cd to the Mesa-3.x directory and type "make beos-r4".
When it finishes the and libraries for
BeOS will be in the Mesa-3.x/lib/ directory.
Example Programs
Look in the Mesa-3.x/BeOS/ directory for one or two BGLView demo
programs. They should have been compiled along with the Mesa
It seems that you have to recompile GLUT with instead
of in order for everything to work. I'm not sure why.
In any case, you'll have to download and compile GLUT for BeOS and
put in the Mesa-3.x/lib/ directory before you can compile
the demos/, samples/ and book/ programs.
GLUT for BeOS can be found at: ??? fill-in ???
This is a special version of GLUT adapted for the BeOS. I don't
believe Mark Kilgard's normal GLUT distribution includes BeOS
Old BeOS Driver
Mesa 2.6 had an earlier BeOS driver. It was based on Mesa's Off-screen
rendering interface, not BGLView. If you're interested in the older
driver you should get Mesa 2.6.
BeOS and Glide
Mesa 3.0 supported the 3Dfx/Glide library on Beos. Download Mesa 3.0
if interested. Ideally, the 3Dfx/Glide support should be updated to
work with the new Mesa 3.1 BGLView implementation.
$Id: README.BEOS,v 1.3 1999/02/06 06:32:20 brianp Exp $
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