Commit 9ccf5bff authored by Brian Paul's avatar Brian Paul
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mesa: new MESA_LOG_FILE env var to log errors, warnings, etc., to a file

Reviewed-by: Jose Fonseca's avatarJose Fonseca <>
parent 0f530d2d
......@@ -42,6 +42,8 @@ sometimes be useful for debugging end-user issues.
printed to stderr.<br>
If the value of MESA_DEBUG is 'FP' floating point arithmetic errors will
generate exceptions.
<li>MESA_LOG_FILE - specifies a file name for logging all errors, warnings,
etc., rather than stderr
<li>MESA_TEX_PROG - if set, implement conventional texture env modes with
fragment programs (intended for developers only)
<li>MESA_TNL_PROG - if set, implement conventional vertex transformation
......@@ -801,12 +801,21 @@ output_if_debug(const char *prefixString, const char *outputString,
GLboolean newline)
static int debug = -1;
static FILE *fout = NULL;
/* Init the local 'debug' var once.
* Note: the _mesa_init_debug() function should have been called
* by now so MESA_DEBUG_FLAGS will be initialized.
if (debug == -1) {
/* If MESA_LOG_FILE env var is set, log Mesa errors, warnings,
* etc to the named file. Otherwise, output to stderr.
const char *logFile = _mesa_getenv("MESA_LOG_FILE");
if (logFile)
fout = fopen(logFile, "w");
if (!fout)
fout = stderr;
#ifdef DEBUG
/* in debug builds, print messages unless MESA_DEBUG="silent" */
......@@ -821,9 +830,10 @@ output_if_debug(const char *prefixString, const char *outputString,
/* Now only print the string if we're required to do so. */
if (debug) {
fprintf(stderr, "%s: %s", prefixString, outputString);
fprintf(fout, "%s: %s", prefixString, outputString);
if (newline)
fprintf(stderr, "\n");
fprintf(fout, "\n");
#if defined(_WIN32) && !defined(_WIN32_WCE)
/* stderr from windows applications without console is not usually
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