Commit 7577c82f authored by Gert Wollny's avatar Gert Wollny

mesa:main: Add flag for EXT_sRGB to gl_extensions

EXT_sRGB is an (incomplete) GLES extension that provides support for sRGB
framebuffer attachments, hence it can be used to check for this support
as an alternative to EXT_framebuffer_sRGB that provies the same
functionality but also sRGB write control support.

However, since EXT_sRGB  is incomplete and superseted by GLES 3.0 it will
not be exposed as an extension.
Signed-off-by: Gert Wollny's avatarGert Wollny <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMarek Olšák <>
parent 2845939d
......@@ -4265,6 +4265,7 @@ struct gl_extensions
GLboolean EXT_semaphore_fd;
GLboolean EXT_shader_integer_mix;
GLboolean EXT_shader_samples_identical;
GLboolean EXT_sRGB;
GLboolean EXT_stencil_two_side;
GLboolean EXT_texture_array;
GLboolean EXT_texture_compression_latc;
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