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LynxOS Notes
The LynxOS make instructions are really a copy of the Linux make with
the addition of a -lbsd flag for the networking. Everything else seems
to work fine. Just go to the root directory and type "make lynxos" and
the whole mess builds and works without any problems.
There is an important note though: Since we don't have shared C libraries yet,
this distribution of Mesa becomes quite fat. Around 7 megs of source becomes
145 Megs of executable. Most of this is in the demo code, but you should
be aware of the total disk space being used. When we add shared C libraries, I
will attempt to build this distribution with shared libraries to conserve
This build was done under LynxOS 2.5G (an internal release). It should build
under 2.4 and 2.5 final. If you have problems, please email me at
Vik Sohal
April 2nd, 1997
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