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......@@ -1175,8 +1175,8 @@ Here's what's new:</p>
Known problems:
- NURBS or evaluator surfaces inside display lists don't always work
</p><h2>November 3, 2000</h2>
<h2>November 3, 2000</h2>
<p>Mesa 3.4 has been released. Here's what's new since the 3.3 release:</p>
<pre> New:
- optimized glDrawPixels for glPixelZoom(1,-1)
......@@ -1204,8 +1204,8 @@ Here's what's new:</p>
- finished internal support for compressed textures for DRI
</p><h2>April 24, 2000</h2>
<h2>April 24, 2000</h2>
<p>Mesa 3.2 has been released. Here's what's new since the beta release:</p>
<pre> Bug fixes:
- fixed memcpy bugs in span.c
......@@ -1220,8 +1220,8 @@ Here's what's new:</p>
- use bcopy() optimizations on FreeBSD
- re-enabled the optimized persp_textured_triangle() function
</p><h2>March 23, 2000</h2>
<h2>March 23, 2000</h2>
<p>I've just upload the Mesa 3.2 beta 1 files to SourceForge at <a href="" target="_parent"></a><a href=""></a></p>
<p>3.2 (note even number) is a stabilization release of Mesa 3.1 meaning it's mainly
just bug fixes.</p>
......@@ -1267,22 +1267,22 @@ just bug fixes.</p>
Mesa3D website at sourceforge.<br>
After 3.2 is wrapped up I hope to release 3.3 beta 1 soon afterward.</p>
<p>-- Brian</p>
</p><h2>December 17, 1999</h2>
<h2>December 17, 1999</h2>
<p>A Slashdot interview with Brian about Mesa (questions submitted by Slashdot readers)
can be found at <a href="" target="_parent"></a>.</p>
</p><h2>December 14, 1999</h2>
<h2>December 14, 1999</h2>
<p>Mesa 3.1 is released!</p>
</p><h2>September 21, 1999</h2>
<h2>September 21, 1999</h2>
<p>There appear to be two new files on the ftp site, <a href="">MesaLib-3.1beta3.tar.gz</a>
and <a href="">MesaDemos-3.1beta3.tar.gz</a>,
that seem to be... yes, I've just received confirmation from the beta center, they
are indeed the <b>THIRD</b> beta release of Mesa 3.1! Happy Days. Happy Days. Thanks
Keith Whitwell for preparing these for us during Brian's absence.</p>
</p><h2>August 30, 1999</h2>
<h2>August 30, 1999</h2>
<p>I'm pleased to announce that I've accepted a position with Precision Insight,
Inc. effective October, 1999. I'll be leaving Avid Technology in September.</p>
<p>I've been working on Mesa in my spare time for over five years. With Precision
......@@ -1292,41 +1292,41 @@ and OpenGL on Linux.</p>
my work will continue to be open sourced and available to any other programmers who
may want to contribute to it, or use it for other projects or platforms</p>
<p>PS: I'm going to be traveling until Sep 6 and won't be reading email until then.</p>
</p><h2>August 23, 1999</h2>
<h2>August 23, 1999</h2>
<p>Anonymous CVS access is back online so suck up all the bandwidth you can afford.
Note that this is a new archive, so you will need to re-checkout the archive. That
means don't <i>cvs update</i> from a previous download.</p>
</p><h2>August 17, 1999</h2>
<h2>August 17, 1999</h2>
<p>A report from the SIGGRAPH '99 Linux/OpenGL
BOF meeting is now available.</p>
</p><h2>August 14, 1999</h2>
<h2>August 14, 1999</h2>
<p> is having technical problems due to hardware failures at VA Linux
systems. The Mac pages, ftp, and CVS services aren't fully restored yet. Please be
</p><h2>June 7, 1999</h2>
<h2>June 7, 1999</h2>
<p>RPMS of the nVidia RIVA server can be found at <a href=""></a>.</p>
</p><h2>June 2, 1999</h2>
<h2>June 2, 1999</h2>
<p><a href="">nVidia</a> has released some Linux binaries for
xfree86, along with the <b>full source</b>, which includes GLX acceleration
based on Mesa 3.0. They can be downloaded from <a href=""></a>.</p>
</p><h2>May 24, 1999</h2>
<h2>May 24, 1999</h2>
<p>Beta 2 of Mesa 3.1 has been make available at <a href=""></a>.
If you are into the quake scene, you may want to try this out, as it contains some
optimizations specifically in the Q3A rendering path.
</p><h2>May 13, 1999</h2>
<h2>May 13, 1999</h2>
<p>For those interested in the integration of Mesa into XFree86 4.0, Precision Insight
has posted their lowlevel design documents at</p>
</p><h2>May 13, 1999</h2>
<h2>May 13, 1999</h2>
<pre>May 1999 - John Carmack of id Software, Inc. has made a donation of
US$10,000 to the Mesa project to support its continuing development.
Mesa is a free implementation of the OpenGL 3D graphics library and id's
......@@ -1356,23 +1356,18 @@ grateful."
</p><h2>April 7, 1999</h2>
<h2>April 7, 1999</h2>
<p>Updated the Mesa contributors section and added links to RPM Mesa packages.</p>
</p><h2>March 18, 1999</h2>
<h2>March 18, 1999</h2>
<p>The new webpages are now online. Enjoy, and let me know if you find any errors.
</p><h2>February 16, 1999</h2>
<h2>February 16, 1999</h2>
<p><a href="">SGI</a> releases its <a href="">GLX
source code</a>.</p>
</p><h2>January 22, 1999</h2>
<p> established</p>
<h2>January 22, 1999</h2>
<p> established</p>
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