Commit 50f7e6fb authored by Dan Nicholson's avatar Dan Nicholson

Add .PHONY targets to top Makefile for non-file targets

When a make target doesn't result in a file of the same name, adding it
to a .PHONY target means make won't look for such a file, speeding the
build up a bit. This allows `make doxygen' to work since otherwise make
will consider the doxygen directory as up to date.
parent e14ebbce
......@@ -57,6 +57,9 @@ glcore:
cd src/mesa/drivers/xorg ; $(MAKE) install
.PHONY: default doxygen clean realclean install linux-directfb-install \
glcore glcore-install
# If there's no current configuration file
......@@ -531,3 +534,6 @@ md5:
@-md5sum $(GLUT_NAME).tar.gz
@-md5sum $(GLUT_NAME).tar.bz2
@-md5sum $(GLUT_NAME).zip
.PHONY: tarballs rm_depend lib_gz demo_gz glut_gz lib_bz2 demo_bz2 \
glut_bz2 lib_zip demo_zip glut_zip md5
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