Commit 345a08a7 authored by Brian Paul's avatar Brian Paul

intel: added intel_rendering_to_texture() helper function.

When we're rendering to textures we have to invert the viewport transformation.
This helper cleans up that test and can be used elsewhere...
parent 12c6d28c
......@@ -111,5 +111,22 @@ extern struct intel_region *intel_get_rb_region(struct gl_framebuffer *fb,
* Are we currently rendering into a texture?
static INLINE GLboolean
intel_rendering_to_texture(const GLcontext *ctx)
if (ctx->DrawBuffer->Name) {
/* User-created FBO */
const struct intel_renderbuffer *irb =
return irb && irb->RenderToTexture;
else {
return GL_FALSE;
#endif /* INTEL_FBO_H */
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