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    anv: Return trampoline entrypoints from GetInstanceProcAddr · de00e822
    Jason Ekstrand authored
    Technically, the Vulkan spec requires that we return valid entrypoints
    for all core functionality and any available device extensions.  This
    means that, for gen-specific functions, we need to return a trampoline
    which looks at the device and calls the right device function.  In 99%
    of cases, the loader will do this for us but, aparently, we're supposed
    to do it too.  It's a tiny increase in binary size for us to carry this
    around but really not bad.
           text    data   bss      dec     hex  filename
        3541775  204112  6136  3752023  394057  libvulkan_intel.so
           text    data   bss      dec     hex  filename
        3551463  205632  6136  3763231  396c1f  libvulkan_intel.so
    Reviewed-by: Samuel Iglesias Gonsálvez's avatarSamuel Iglesias Gonsálvez <siglesias@igalia.com>
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