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    Merge branch 'next-keys2' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jmorris/linux-security · baa888d2
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Pull keys updates from James Morris:
     "Provide five new operations in the key_type struct that can be used to
      provide access to asymmetric key operations. These will be implemented
      for the asymmetric key type in a later patch and may refer to a key
      retained in RAM by the kernel or a key retained in crypto hardware.
         int (*asym_query)(const struct kernel_pkey_params *params,
                           struct kernel_pkey_query *info);
         int (*asym_eds_op)(struct kernel_pkey_params *params,
                            const void *in, void *out);
         int (*asym_verify_signature)(struct kernel_pkey_params *params,
                                      const void *in, const void *in2);
      Since encrypt, decrypt and sign are identical in their interfaces,
      they're rolled together in the asym_eds_op() operation and there's an
      operation ID in the params argument to distinguish them.
      Verify is different in that we supply the data and the signature
      instead and get an error value (or 0) as the only result on the
      expectation that this may well be how a hardware crypto device may
    * 'next-keys2' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jmorris/linux-security: (22 commits)
      KEYS: asym_tpm: Add support for the sign operation [ver #2]
      KEYS: asym_tpm: Implement tpm_sign [ver #2]
      KEYS: asym_tpm: Implement signature verification [ver #2]
      KEYS: asym_tpm: Implement the decrypt operation [ver #2]
      KEYS: asym_tpm: Implement tpm_unbind [ver #2]
      KEYS: asym_tpm: Add loadkey2 and flushspecific [ver #2]
      KEYS: Move trusted.h to include/keys [ver #2]
      KEYS: trusted: Expose common functionality [ver #2]
      KEYS: asym_tpm: Implement encryption operation [ver #2]
      KEYS: asym_tpm: Implement pkey_query [ver #2]
      KEYS: Add parser for TPM-based keys [ver #2]
      KEYS: asym_tpm: extract key size & public key [ver #2]
      KEYS: asym_tpm: add skeleton for asym_tpm [ver #2]
      crypto: rsa-pkcs1pad: Allow hash to be optional [ver #2]
      KEYS: Implement PKCS#8 RSA Private Key parser [ver #2]
      KEYS: Implement encrypt, decrypt and sign for software asymmetric key [ver #2]
      KEYS: Allow the public_key struct to hold a private key [ver #2]
      KEYS: Provide software public key query function [ver #2]
      KEYS: Make the X.509 and PKCS7 parsers supply the sig encoding type [ver #2]
      KEYS: Provide missing asymmetric key subops for new key type ops [ver #2]
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