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    edac: Don't add __func__ or __FILE__ for debugf[0-9] msgs · dd23cd6e
    Mauro Carvalho Chehab authored
    The debug macro already adds that. Most of the work here was
    made by this small script:
    $f .=$_ while (<>);
    $f =~ s/(debugf[0-9]\s*\(\s*)__FILE__\s*": /\1"/g;
    $f =~ s/(debugf[0-9]\s*\(\s*)__FILE__\s*/\1/g;
    $f =~ s/(debugf[0-9]\s*\(\s*)__FILE__\s*"MC: /\1"/g;
    $f =~ s/(debugf[0-9]\s*\(\")\%s[\:\,\(\)]*\s*([^\"]*\s*[^\)]+)__func__\s*\,\s*/\1\2/g;
    $f =~ s/(debugf[0-9]\s*\(\")\%s[\:\,\(\)]*\s*([^\"]*\s*[^\)]+),\s*__func__\s*\)/\1\2)/g;
    $f =~ s/(debugf[0-9]\s*\(\"MC\:\s*)\%s[\:\,\(\)]*\s*([^\"]*\s*[^\)]+)__func__\s*\,\s*/\1\2/g;
    $f =~ s/(debugf[0-9]\s*\(\"MC\:\s*)\%s[\:\,\(\)]*\s*([^\"]*\s*[^\)]+),\s*__func__\s*\)/\1\2)/g;
    $f =~ s/\"MC\: \\n\"/"MC:\\n"/g;
    print $f;
    After running the script, manual cleanups were done to fix it the remaining
    While here, removed the __LINE__ on most places, as it doesn't actually give
    useful info on most places.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarMauro Carvalho Chehab <mchehab@redhat.com>
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