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    Merge tag 'clk-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/clk/linux · 519f64bf
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    Pull clk updates from Stephen Boyd:
     "This time it looks like a quieter release cycle in the clk tree. I
      guess that's because of summer time holidays/vacations. The biggest
      change in the diffstat is in the Qualcomm clk driver, where they got
      support for CPUs and handful of SoCs. After that, the at91 driver got
      a major rewrite for newer DT bindings that should make things easier
      going forward and the TI code moved to a clockdomain based design.
      The long tail is mostly small driver updates for newer clks and some
      simpler SoC clock drivers such as the Hisilicon and imx support.
      In the core framework, we only have two small changes this time.
      One is a new clk API to get all clks for a device with the bulk clk
      APIs. This allows drivers that don't care about doing anything besides
      turning on all the clks to just clk_get() them all and turn them on.
      The other change is the beginning of a way to support save and restore
      of clk settings in the clk framework. TI is the only user right now,
      but we will want to expand upon this design in the future to support
      more save and restore of clk registers. At least this gets us started
      and works well enough for one SoC, but there's more work in the
       - clk_bulk_get_all() API and friends to get all the clks for a device
       - Basic clk state save/restore hooks
      New Drivers:
       - Renesas RZ/A2 (R7S9210) SoC, including early clocks
       - Rensas RZ/G1N (R8A7744) and RZ/G2E (R8A774C0) SoCs
       - Rensas RZ/G2M (r8a774a1) SoC
       - Qualcomm Krait CPU clk support
       - Qualcomm QCS404 GCC support
       - Qualcomm SDM660 GCC support
       - Qualcomm SDM845 camera clock controller
       - Ingenic jz4725b CGU
       - Hisilicon 3670 SoC support
       - TI SCI clks on K3 SoCs
       - iMX6 MMDC clks
       - Reset Controller (RMU) support for Actions Semi Owl S900 and S700 SoCs
       - Rework at91 PMC clock driver for new DT bindings
       - Nvidia Tegra clk driver MBIST workaround fix
       - S2RAM support for Marvell mvebu periph clks
       - Use updated printk format for OF node names
       - Fix TI code to only search DT subnodes
       - Various static analysis finds
       - Tag various drivers with SPDX license tags
       - Support dynamic frequency switching (DFS) on qcom SDM845 GCC
       - Only use s2mps11 dt-binding defines instead of redefining them in the driver
       - Add some more missing clks to qcom MSM8996 GCC
       - Quad SPI clks on qcom SDM845
       - Add support for CMT timer clocks on R-Car V3H
       - Add support for SHDI and various timer clocks on R-Car V3M
       - Improve OSC and RCLK (watchdog) handling on R-Car Gen3 SoCs
       - Amlogic clk-pll driver improvements and updates
       - Amlogic axg audio controller system clocks
       - Register Amlogic meson8b clock controller early
       - Add support for SATA and Fine Display Processor (FDP) clocks on R-Car M3-N
       - Consolidation of system suspend related code in Exynos, S5P, S3C SoC clk drivers
       - Fixes for system suspend support on Exynos542x (Odroid boards) and Exynos5433 SoC
       - Remove obsoleted Exynos4212 ISP clock definitions
       - Migrated TI am3/4/5 and dra7 SoCs to clockdomain based design
       - TI RTC+DDR sleep mode support for clock save/restore
       - Allwinner A64 display engine support and fixes
       - Allwinner A83t display engine support and fixes"
    * tag 'clk-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/clk/linux: (186 commits)
      clk: qcom: Remove unused arrays in SDM845 GCC
      clk: fixed-rate: fix of_node_get-put imbalance
      clk: s2mps11: Add used attribute to s2mps11_dt_match
      clk: qcom: gcc-sdm660: Add MODULE_LICENSE
      clk: qcom: Add safe switch hook for krait mux clocks
      dt-bindings: clock: Document qcom,krait-cc
      clk: qcom: Add Krait clock controller driver
      dt-bindings: arm: Document qcom,kpss-gcc
      clk: qcom: Add KPSS ACC/GCC driver
      clk: qcom: Add support for Krait clocks
      clk: qcom: Add IPQ806X's HFPLLs
      clk: qcom: Add MSM8960/APQ8064's HFPLLs
      dt-bindings: clock: Document qcom,hfpll
      clk: qcom: Add HFPLL driver
      clk: qcom: Add support for High-Frequency PLLs (HFPLLs)
      ARM: Add Krait L2 register accessor functions
      clk: imx6q: add mmdc0 ipg clock
      clk: imx6sl: add mmdc ipg clocks
      clk: imx6sll: add mmdc1 ipg clock
      clk: imx6sx: add mmdc1 ipg clock
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