1. 16 Nov, 2017 39 commits
  2. 15 Nov, 2017 1 commit
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      Merge tag 'arm64-upstream' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/arm64/linux · c9b012e5
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Pull arm64 updates from Will Deacon:
       "The big highlight is support for the Scalable Vector Extension (SVE)
        which required extensive ABI work to ensure we don't break existing
        applications by blowing away their signal stack with the rather large
        new vector context (<= 2 kbit per vector register). There's further
        work to be done optimising things like exception return, but the ABI
        is solid now.
        Much of the line count comes from some new PMU drivers we have, but
        they're pretty self-contained and I suspect we'll have more of them in
        Plenty of acronym soup here:
         - initial support for the Scalable Vector Extension (SVE)
         - improved handling for SError interrupts (required to handle RAS
         - enable GCC support for 128-bit integer types
         - remove kernel text addresses from backtraces and register dumps
         - use of WFE to implement long delay()s
         - ACPI IORT updates from Lorenzo Pieralisi
         - perf PMU driver for the Statistical Profiling Extension (SPE)
         - perf PMU driver for Hisilicon's system PMUs
         - misc cleanups and non-critical fixes"
      * tag 'arm64-upstream' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/arm64/linux: (97 commits)
        arm64: Make ARMV8_DEPRECATED depend on SYSCTL
        arm64: Implement __lshrti3 library function
        arm64: support __int128 on gcc 5+
        arm64/sve: Add documentation
        arm64/sve: Detect SVE and activate runtime support
        arm64/sve: KVM: Hide SVE from CPU features exposed to guests
        arm64/sve: KVM: Treat guest SVE use as undefined instruction execution
        arm64/sve: KVM: Prevent guests from using SVE
        arm64/sve: Add sysctl to set the default vector length for new processes
        arm64/sve: Add prctl controls for userspace vector length management
        arm64/sve: ptrace and ELF coredump support
        arm64/sve: Preserve SVE registers around EFI runtime service calls
        arm64/sve: Preserve SVE registers around kernel-mode NEON use
        arm64/sve: Probe SVE capabilities and usable vector lengths
        arm64: cpufeature: Move sys_caps_initialised declarations
        arm64/sve: Backend logic for setting the vector length
        arm64/sve: Signal handling support
        arm64/sve: Support vector length resetting for new processes
        arm64/sve: Core task context handling
        arm64/sve: Low-level CPU setup