Commit f74cf271 authored by Sakthivel K's avatar Sakthivel K Committed by James Bottomley

[SCSI] pm80xx: Updated common functions common for SPC and SPCv/ve

Update of function prototype for common function to SPC and SPCv/ve.
Multiple queues implementation for IO.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSakthivel K <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAnand Kumar S <>
Acked-by: default avatarJack Wang <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarHannes Reinecke <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJames Bottomley <>
parent e590adfd
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......@@ -165,7 +165,7 @@ static void pm8001_tasklet(unsigned long opaque)
pm8001_ha = (struct pm8001_hba_info *)opaque;
if (unlikely(!pm8001_ha))
PM8001_CHIP_DISP->isr(pm8001_ha, 0);
......@@ -189,7 +189,7 @@ static irqreturn_t pm8001_interrupt(int irq, void *opaque)
#ifdef PM8001_USE_TASKLET
ret = PM8001_CHIP_DISP->isr(pm8001_ha);
ret = PM8001_CHIP_DISP->isr(pm8001_ha, 0);
return ret;
......@@ -420,6 +420,12 @@ static struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_pci_alloc(struct pci_dev *pdev,
pm8001_ha->id = pm8001_id++;
pm8001_ha->logging_level = 0x01;
sprintf(pm8001_ha->name, "%s%d", DRV_NAME, pm8001_ha->id);
/* IOMB size is 128 for 8088/89 controllers */
if (pm8001_ha->chip_id != chip_8001)
pm8001_ha->iomb_size = IOMB_SIZE_SPCV;
pm8001_ha->iomb_size = IOMB_SIZE_SPC;
#ifdef PM8001_USE_TASKLET
tasklet_init(&pm8001_ha->tasklet, pm8001_tasklet,
(unsigned long)pm8001_ha);
......@@ -722,7 +728,7 @@ static int pm8001_pci_probe(struct pci_dev *pdev,
if (rc)
goto err_out_shost;
PM8001_CHIP_DISP->interrupt_enable(pm8001_ha, 0);
pm8001_post_sas_ha_init(shost, chip);
rc = sas_register_ha(SHOST_TO_SAS_HA(shost));
......@@ -758,7 +764,7 @@ static void pm8001_pci_remove(struct pci_dev *pdev)
PM8001_CHIP_DISP->interrupt_disable(pm8001_ha, 0);
PM8001_CHIP_DISP->chip_soft_rst(pm8001_ha, 0x252acbcd);
#ifdef PM8001_USE_MSIX
......@@ -802,7 +808,7 @@ static int pm8001_pci_suspend(struct pci_dev *pdev, pm_message_t state)
printk(KERN_ERR " PCI PM not supported\n");
return -ENODEV;
PM8001_CHIP_DISP->interrupt_disable(pm8001_ha, 0);
PM8001_CHIP_DISP->chip_soft_rst(pm8001_ha, 0x252acbcd);
#ifdef PM8001_USE_MSIX
for (i = 0; i < pm8001_ha->number_of_intr; i++)
......@@ -863,7 +869,7 @@ static int pm8001_pci_resume(struct pci_dev *pdev)
rc = PM8001_CHIP_DISP->chip_init(pm8001_ha);
if (rc)
goto err_out_disable;
PM8001_CHIP_DISP->interrupt_disable(pm8001_ha, 0);
rc = pm8001_request_irq(pm8001_ha);
if (rc)
goto err_out_disable;
......@@ -871,7 +877,7 @@ static int pm8001_pci_resume(struct pci_dev *pdev)
tasklet_init(&pm8001_ha->tasklet, pm8001_tasklet,
(unsigned long)pm8001_ha);
PM8001_CHIP_DISP->interrupt_enable(pm8001_ha, 0);
return 0;
* PMC-Sierra SPC 8001 SAS/SATA based host adapters driver
* PMC-Sierra 8001/8081/8088/8089 SAS/SATA based host adapters driver
* Copyright (c) 2008-2009 USI Co., Ltd.
* All rights reserved.
......@@ -135,11 +135,11 @@ struct pm8001_dispatch {
void (*chip_rst)(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha);
int (*chip_ioremap)(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha);
void (*chip_iounmap)(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha);
irqreturn_t (*isr)(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha);
irqreturn_t (*isr)(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha, u8 vec);
u32 (*is_our_interupt)(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha);
int (*isr_process_oq)(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha);
void (*interrupt_enable)(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha);
void (*interrupt_disable)(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha);
int (*isr_process_oq)(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha, u8 vec);
void (*interrupt_enable)(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha, u8 vec);
void (*interrupt_disable)(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha, u8 vec);
void (*make_prd)(struct scatterlist *scatter, int nr, void *prd);
int (*smp_req)(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha,
struct pm8001_ccb_info *ccb);
......@@ -563,6 +563,56 @@ int pm8001_mem_alloc(struct pci_dev *pdev, void **virt_addr,
dma_addr_t *pphys_addr, u32 *pphys_addr_hi, u32 *pphys_addr_lo,
u32 mem_size, u32 align);
/********** functions common to spc & spcv - begins ************/
void pm8001_chip_iounmap(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha);
int pm8001_mpi_build_cmd(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha,
struct inbound_queue_table *circularQ,
u32 opCode, void *payload, u32 responseQueue);
int pm8001_mpi_msg_free_get(struct inbound_queue_table *circularQ,
u16 messageSize, void **messagePtr);
u32 pm8001_mpi_msg_free_set(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha, void *pMsg,
struct outbound_queue_table *circularQ, u8 bc);
u32 pm8001_mpi_msg_consume(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha,
struct outbound_queue_table *circularQ,
void **messagePtr1, u8 *pBC);
int pm8001_chip_set_dev_state_req(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha,
struct pm8001_device *pm8001_dev, u32 state);
int pm8001_chip_fw_flash_update_req(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha,
void *payload);
int pm8001_chip_fw_flash_update_build(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha,
void *fw_flash_updata_info, u32 tag);
int pm8001_chip_set_nvmd_req(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha, void *payload);
int pm8001_chip_get_nvmd_req(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha, void *payload);
int pm8001_chip_ssp_tm_req(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha,
struct pm8001_ccb_info *ccb,
struct pm8001_tmf_task *tmf);
int pm8001_chip_abort_task(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha,
struct pm8001_device *pm8001_dev,
u8 flag, u32 task_tag, u32 cmd_tag);
int pm8001_chip_dereg_dev_req(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha, u32 device_id);
void pm8001_chip_make_sg(struct scatterlist *scatter, int nr, void *prd);
void pm8001_work_fn(struct work_struct *work);
int pm8001_handle_event(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha,
void *data, int handler);
void pm8001_mpi_set_dev_state_resp(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha,
void *piomb);
void pm8001_mpi_set_nvmd_resp(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha,
void *piomb);
void pm8001_mpi_get_nvmd_resp(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha,
void *piomb);
int pm8001_mpi_local_phy_ctl(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha,
void *piomb);
void pm8001_get_lrate_mode(struct pm8001_phy *phy, u8 link_rate);
void pm8001_get_attached_sas_addr(struct pm8001_phy *phy, u8 *sas_addr);
void pm8001_bytes_dmaed(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha, int i);
int pm8001_mpi_reg_resp(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha, void *piomb);
int pm8001_mpi_dereg_resp(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha, void *piomb);
int pm8001_mpi_fw_flash_update_resp(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha,
void *piomb);
int pm8001_mpi_general_event(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha , void *piomb);
int pm8001_mpi_task_abort_resp(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha, void *piomb);
/*********** functions common to spc & spcv - ends ************/
int pm8001_bar4_shift(struct pm8001_hba_info *pm8001_ha, u32 shiftValue);
/* ctl shared API */
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