Commit e9cad2ce authored by Saeed Mahameed's avatar Saeed Mahameed
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net/mlx5: FW tracer, register log buffer memory key

Create a memory key and protection domain for the tracer log buffer.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSaeed Mahameed <>
parent 48967ffd
......@@ -169,6 +169,48 @@ static void mlx5_fw_tracer_destroy_log_buf(struct mlx5_fw_tracer *tracer)
free_pages((unsigned long)tracer->buff.log_buf, get_order(tracer->buff.size));
static int mlx5_fw_tracer_create_mkey(struct mlx5_fw_tracer *tracer)
struct mlx5_core_dev *dev = tracer->dev;
int err, inlen, i;
__be64 *mtt;
void *mkc;
u32 *in;
inlen = MLX5_ST_SZ_BYTES(create_mkey_in) +
sizeof(*mtt) * round_up(TRACER_BUFFER_PAGE_NUM, 2);
in = kvzalloc(inlen, GFP_KERNEL);
if (!in)
return -ENOMEM;
MLX5_SET(create_mkey_in, in, translations_octword_actual_size,
mtt = (u64 *)MLX5_ADDR_OF(create_mkey_in, in, klm_pas_mtt);
for (i = 0 ; i < TRACER_BUFFER_PAGE_NUM ; i++)
mtt[i] = cpu_to_be64(tracer->buff.dma + i * PAGE_SIZE);
mkc = MLX5_ADDR_OF(create_mkey_in, in, memory_key_mkey_entry);
MLX5_SET(mkc, mkc, access_mode_1_0, MLX5_MKC_ACCESS_MODE_MTT);
MLX5_SET(mkc, mkc, lr, 1);
MLX5_SET(mkc, mkc, lw, 1);
MLX5_SET(mkc, mkc, pd, tracer->buff.pdn);
MLX5_SET(mkc, mkc, bsf_octword_size, 0);
MLX5_SET(mkc, mkc, qpn, 0xffffff);
MLX5_SET(mkc, mkc, log_page_size, PAGE_SHIFT);
MLX5_SET(mkc, mkc, translations_octword_size,
MLX5_SET64(mkc, mkc, start_addr, tracer->buff.dma);
MLX5_SET64(mkc, mkc, len, tracer->buff.size);
err = mlx5_core_create_mkey(dev, &tracer->buff.mkey, in, inlen);
if (err)
mlx5_core_warn(dev, "FWTracer: Failed to create mkey, %d\n", err);
return err;
static void mlx5_fw_tracer_free_strings_db(struct mlx5_fw_tracer *tracer)
u32 num_string_db = tracer->str_db.num_string_db;
......@@ -363,13 +405,26 @@ int mlx5_fw_tracer_init(struct mlx5_fw_tracer *tracer)
if (!tracer->str_db.loaded)
queue_work(tracer->work_queue, &tracer->read_fw_strings_work);
err = mlx5_fw_tracer_ownership_acquire(tracer);
err = mlx5_core_alloc_pd(dev, &tracer->buff.pdn);
if (err) {
mlx5_core_dbg(dev, "FWTracer: Ownership was not granted %d\n", err);
return 0; /* return 0 since ownership can be acquired on a later FW event */
mlx5_core_warn(dev, "FWTracer: Failed to allocate PD %d\n", err);
return err;
err = mlx5_fw_tracer_create_mkey(tracer);
if (err) {
mlx5_core_warn(dev, "FWTracer: Failed to create mkey %d\n", err);
goto err_dealloc_pd;
err = mlx5_fw_tracer_ownership_acquire(tracer);
if (err) /* Don't fail since ownership can be acquired on a later FW event */
mlx5_core_dbg(dev, "FWTracer: Ownership was not granted %d\n", err);
return 0;
mlx5_core_dealloc_pd(dev, tracer->buff.pdn);
return err;
void mlx5_fw_tracer_cleanup(struct mlx5_fw_tracer *tracer)
......@@ -381,6 +436,9 @@ void mlx5_fw_tracer_cleanup(struct mlx5_fw_tracer *tracer)
if (tracer->owner)
mlx5_core_destroy_mkey(tracer->dev, &tracer->buff.mkey);
mlx5_core_dealloc_pd(tracer->dev, tracer->buff.pdn);
void mlx5_fw_tracer_destroy(struct mlx5_fw_tracer *tracer)
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