Commit b6ae7a26 authored by Pritesh Raithatha's avatar Pritesh Raithatha Committed by Linus Walleij

pinctrl: tegra114: add pinctrl driver for NVIDIA's Tegra114 SoC

This adds a driver for the Tegra114 pinmux, and required
parameterization data for Tegra114.

The driver uses the common Tegra pincontrol driver utility
functions to implement the majority of the driver.

This driver is not compatible with the earlier NVIDIA's SoCs,
hence add new compatibile as "nvidia,tegra114-pinmux".

Originally written by Pritesh.
	- cleanup the patches,
	- remove non-require tables.
	- Use module_platform_driver() for driver registartion.
Signed-off-by: default avatarPritesh Raithatha <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLaxman Dewangan <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarStephen Warren <>
Signed-off-by: Linus Walleij's avatarLinus Walleij <>
parent 348d1bf7
NVIDIA Tegra114 pinmux controller
The Tegra114 pinctrl binding is very similar to the Tegra20 and Tegra30
pinctrl binding, as described in nvidia,tegra20-pinmux.txt and
nvidia,tegra30-pinmux.txt. In fact, this document assumes that binding as
a baseline, and only documents the differences between the two bindings.
Required properties:
- compatible: "nvidia,tegra114-pinmux"
- reg: Should contain the register physical address and length for each of
the pad control and mux registers. The first bank of address must be the
driver strength pad control register address and second bank address must
be pinmux register address.
Tegra114 adds the following optional properties for pin configuration subnodes:
- nvidia,enable-input: Integer. Enable the pin's input path. 0: no, 1: yes.
- nvidia,open-drain: Integer. Enable open drain mode. 0: no, 1: yes.
- nvidia,lock: Integer. Lock the pin configuration against further changes
until reset. 0: no, 1: yes.
- nvidia,io-reset: Integer. Reset the IO path. 0: no, 1: yes.
- nvidia,rcv-sel: Integer. Select VIL/VIH receivers. 0: normal, 1: high.
- nvidia,drive-type: Integer. Valid range 0...3.
As with Tegra20 and Terga30, see the Tegra TRM for complete details regarding
which groups support which functionality.
Valid values for pin and group names are:
per-pin mux groups:
These all support nvidia,function, nvidia,tristate, nvidia,pull,
nvidia,enable-input, nvidia,lock. Some support nvidia,open-drain,
nvidia,io-reset and nvidia,rcv-sel.
ulpi_data0_po1, ulpi_data1_po2, ulpi_data2_po3, ulpi_data3_po4,
ulpi_data4_po5, ulpi_data5_po6, ulpi_data6_po7, ulpi_data7_po0,
ulpi_clk_py0, ulpi_dir_py1, ulpi_nxt_py2, ulpi_stp_py3, dap3_fs_pp0,
dap3_din_pp1, dap3_dout_pp2, dap3_sclk_pp3, pv0, pv1, sdmmc1_clk_pz0,
sdmmc1_cmd_pz1, sdmmc1_dat3_py4, sdmmc1_dat2_py5, sdmmc1_dat1_py6,
sdmmc1_dat0_py7, clk2_out_pw5, clk2_req_pcc5, hdmi_int_pn7, ddc_scl_pv4,
ddc_sda_pv5, uart2_rxd_pc3, uart2_txd_pc2, uart2_rts_n_pj6,
uart2_cts_n_pj5, uart3_txd_pw6, uart3_rxd_pw7, uart3_cts_n_pa1,
uart3_rts_n_pc0, pu0, pu1, pu2, pu3, pu4, pu5, pu6, gen1_i2c_sda_pc5,
gen1_i2c_scl_pc4, dap4_fs_pp4, dap4_din_pp5, dap4_dout_pp6, dap4_sclk_pp7,
clk3_out_pee0, clk3_req_pee1, gmi_wp_n_pc7, gmi_iordy_pi5, gmi_wait_pi7,
gmi_adv_n_pk0, gmi_clk_pk1, gmi_cs0_n_pj0, gmi_cs1_n_pj2, gmi_cs2_n_pk3,
gmi_cs3_n_pk4, gmi_cs4_n_pk2, gmi_cs6_n_pi3, gmi_cs7_n_pi6, gmi_ad0_pg0,
gmi_ad1_pg1, gmi_ad2_pg2, gmi_ad3_pg3, gmi_ad4_pg4, gmi_ad5_pg5,
gmi_ad6_pg6, gmi_ad7_pg7, gmi_ad8_ph0, gmi_ad9_ph1, gmi_ad10_ph2,
gmi_ad11_ph3, gmi_ad12_ph4, gmi_ad13_ph5, gmi_ad14_ph6, gmi_ad15_ph7,
gmi_a16_pj7, gmi_a17_pb0, gmi_a18_pb1, gmi_a19_pk7, gmi_wr_n_pi0,
gmi_oe_n_pi1, gmi_dqs_p_pj3, gmi_rst_n_pi4, gen2_i2c_scl_pt5,
gen2_i2c_sda_pt6, sdmmc4_clk_pcc4, sdmmc4_cmd_pt7, sdmmc4_dat0_paa0,
sdmmc4_dat1_paa1, sdmmc4_dat2_paa2, sdmmc4_dat3_paa3, sdmmc4_dat4_paa4,
sdmmc4_dat5_paa5, sdmmc4_dat6_paa6, sdmmc4_dat7_paa7, cam_mclk_pcc0,
pcc1, pbb0, cam_i2c_scl_pbb1, cam_i2c_sda_pbb2, pbb3, pbb4, pbb5, pbb6,
pbb7, pcc2, pwr_i2c_scl_pz6, pwr_i2c_sda_pz7, kb_row0_pr0, kb_row1_pr1,
kb_row2_pr2, kb_row3_pr3, kb_row4_pr4, kb_row5_pr5, kb_row6_pr6,
kb_row7_pr7, kb_row8_ps0, kb_row9_ps1, kb_row10_ps2, kb_col0_pq0,
kb_col1_pq1, kb_col2_pq2, kb_col3_pq3, kb_col4_pq4, kb_col5_pq5,
kb_col6_pq6, kb_col7_pq7, clk_32k_out_pa0, sys_clk_req_pz5, core_pwr_req,
cpu_pwr_req, pwr_int_n, owr, dap1_fs_pn0, dap1_din_pn1, dap1_dout_pn2,
dap1_sclk_pn3, clk1_req_pee2, clk1_out_pw4, spdif_in_pk6, spdif_out_pk5,
dap2_fs_pa2, dap2_din_pa4, dap2_dout_pa5, dap2_sclk_pa3, dvfs_pwm_px0,
gpio_x1_aud_px1, gpio_x3_aud_px3, dvfs_clk_px2, gpio_x4_aud_px4,
gpio_x5_aud_px5, gpio_x6_aud_px6, gpio_x7_aud_px7, sdmmc3_clk_pa6,
sdmmc3_cmd_pa7, sdmmc3_dat0_pb7, sdmmc3_dat1_pb6, sdmmc3_dat2_pb5,
sdmmc3_dat3_pb4, hdmi_cec_pee3, sdmmc1_wp_n_pv3, sdmmc3_cd_n_pv2,
gpio_w2_aud_pw2, gpio_w3_aud_pw3, usb_vbus_en0_pn4, usb_vbus_en1_pn5,
sdmmc3_clk_lb_in_pee5, sdmmc3_clk_lb_out_pee4, reset_out_n.
drive groups:
These all support nvidia,pull-down-strength, nvidia,pull-up-strength,
nvidia,slew-rate-rising, nvidia,slew-rate-falling. Most but not all
support nvidia,high-speed-mode, nvidia,schmitt, nvidia,low-power-mode
and nvidia,drive-type.
ao1, ao2, at1, at2, at3, at4, at5, cdev1, cdev2, dap1, dap2, dap3, dap4,
dbg, sdio3, spi, uaa, uab, uart2, uart3, sdio1, ddc, gma, gme, gmf, gmg,
gmh, owr, uda.
pinmux: pinmux {
compatible = "nvidia,tegra114-pinmux";
reg = <0x70000868 0x148 /* Pad control registers */
0x70003000 0x40c>; /* PinMux registers */
Example board file extract:
pinctrl {
sdmmc4_default: pinmux {
sdmmc4_clk_pcc4 {
nvidia,pins = "sdmmc4_clk_pcc4",
nvidia,function = "sdmmc4";
nvidia,pull = <0>;
nvidia,tristate = <0>;
sdmmc4_dat0_paa0 {
nvidia,pins = "sdmmc4_dat0_paa0",
nvidia,function = "sdmmc4";
nvidia,pull = <2>;
nvidia,tristate = <0>;
sdhci@78000400 {
pinctrl-names = "default";
pinctrl-0 = <&sdmmc4_default>;
......@@ -164,6 +164,10 @@ config PINCTRL_TEGRA30
config PINCTRL_U300
bool "U300 pin controller driver"
depends on ARCH_U300
......@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ obj-$(CONFIG_PINCTRL_SIRF) += pinctrl-sirf.o
obj-$(CONFIG_PINCTRL_TEGRA) += pinctrl-tegra.o
obj-$(CONFIG_PINCTRL_TEGRA20) += pinctrl-tegra20.o
obj-$(CONFIG_PINCTRL_TEGRA30) += pinctrl-tegra30.o
obj-$(CONFIG_PINCTRL_TEGRA114) += pinctrl-tegra114.o
obj-$(CONFIG_PINCTRL_U300) += pinctrl-u300.o
obj-$(CONFIG_PINCTRL_COH901) += pinctrl-coh901.o
obj-$(CONFIG_PINCTRL_SAMSUNG) += pinctrl-samsung.o
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