Commit b38817dd authored by Yoichi Yuasa's avatar Yoichi Yuasa Committed by Linus Torvalds
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[PATCH] mips: fbdev Kcofnig fix

arch/mips/Kconfig is defining CONFIG_FB as bool and drivers/video/Kconfig
was changed a while ago to define it as tristate.  Remove the MIPS
Signed-off-by: default avatarYoichi Yuasa <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrew Morton <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLinus Torvalds <>
parent c10b8736
......@@ -1088,41 +1088,6 @@ config ARC32
depends on MACH_JAZZ || SNI_RM200_PCI || SGI_IP22 || SGI_IP32
default y
config FB
depends on MIPS_MAGNUM_4000 || OLIVETTI_M700
default y
The frame buffer device provides an abstraction for the graphics
hardware. It represents the frame buffer of some video hardware and
allows application software to access the graphics hardware through
a well-defined interface, so the software doesn't need to know
anything about the low-level (hardware register) stuff.
Frame buffer devices work identically across the different
architectures supported by Linux and make the implementation of
application programs easier and more portable; at this point, an X
server exists which uses the frame buffer device exclusively.
On several non-X86 architectures, the frame buffer device is the
only way to use the graphics hardware.
The device is accessed through special device nodes, usually located
in the /dev directory, i.e. /dev/fb*.
You need an utility program called fbset to make full use of frame
buffer devices. Please read <file:Documentation/fb/framebuffer.txt>
and the Framebuffer-HOWTO at <>
for more information.
Say Y here and to the driver for your graphics board below if you
are compiling a kernel for a non-x86 architecture.
If you are compiling for the x86 architecture, you can say Y if you
want to play with it, but it is not essential. Please note that
running graphical applications that directly touch the hardware
(e.g. an accelerated X server) and that are not frame buffer
device-aware may cause unexpected results. If unsure, say N.
......@@ -1399,8 +1399,8 @@ config FB_TX3912
Say Y here to enable kernel support for the on-board framebuffer.
config FB_G364
depends on MIPS_MAGNUM_4000 || OLIVETTI_M700
bool "G364 frame buffer support"
depends on (FB = y) && (MIPS_MAGNUM_4000 || OLIVETTI_M700)
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