Commit 9c8eca3c authored by Ezequiel Garcia's avatar Ezequiel Garcia Committed by Jason Cooper
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bus: mvebu-mbus: Remove deprecated comment

Remove a comment about the lack of a devicetree binding: this driver's
binding is already implemented and in use.
Signed-off-by: default avatarEzequiel Garcia <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJason Cooper <>
parent 7663cfd3
......@@ -588,12 +588,6 @@ static const struct mvebu_mbus_soc_data mv78xx0_mbus_data = {
.show_cpu_target = mvebu_sdram_debug_show_orion,
* The driver doesn't yet have a DT binding because the details of
* this DT binding still need to be sorted out. However, as a
* preparation, we already use of_device_id to match a SoC description
* string against the SoC specific details of this driver.
static const struct of_device_id of_mvebu_mbus_ids[] = {
{ .compatible = "marvell,armada370-mbus",
.data = &armada_370_xp_mbus_data, },
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