Commit 9c74fb50 authored by Peter Zijlstra's avatar Peter Zijlstra Committed by Ingo Molnar

perf_counter: Fix up P6 PMU details

The P6 doesn't seem to support cache ref/hit/miss counts, so
we extend the generic hardware event codes to have 0 and -1
mean the same thing as for the generic cache events.

Furthermore, it turns out the 0 event does not count
(that is, its reported that on PPro it actually does count
something), therefore use a event configuration that's
specified not to count to disable the counters.
Signed-off-by: default avatarPeter Zijlstra <>
LKML-Reference: <new-submission>
Signed-off-by: default avatarIngo Molnar <>
parent 11d1578f
......@@ -84,6 +84,14 @@ static u64 p6_pmu_event_map(int event)
return p6_perfmon_event_map[event];
* Counter setting that is specified not to count anything.
* We use this to effectively disable a counter.
* L2_RQSTS with 0 MESI unit mask.
#define P6_NOP_COUNTER 0x0000002EULL
static u64 p6_pmu_raw_event(u64 event)
......@@ -704,6 +712,7 @@ static int __hw_perf_counter_init(struct perf_counter *counter)
struct perf_counter_attr *attr = &counter->attr;
struct hw_perf_counter *hwc = &counter->hw;
u64 config;
int err;
if (!x86_pmu_initialized())
......@@ -756,10 +765,19 @@ static int __hw_perf_counter_init(struct perf_counter *counter)
if (attr->config >= x86_pmu.max_events)
return -EINVAL;
* The generic map:
hwc->config |= x86_pmu.event_map(attr->config);
config = x86_pmu.event_map(attr->config);
if (config == 0)
return -ENOENT;
if (config == -1LL)
return -EINVAL;
hwc->config |= config;
return 0;
......@@ -767,7 +785,7 @@ static int __hw_perf_counter_init(struct perf_counter *counter)
static void p6_pmu_disable_all(void)
struct cpu_hw_counters *cpuc = &__get_cpu_var(cpu_hw_counters);
unsigned long val;
u64 val;
if (!cpuc->enabled)
......@@ -917,10 +935,10 @@ static inline void
p6_pmu_disable_counter(struct hw_perf_counter *hwc, int idx)
struct cpu_hw_counters *cpuc = &__get_cpu_var(cpu_hw_counters);
unsigned long val = ARCH_PERFMON_EVENTSEL0_ENABLE;
u64 val = P6_NOP_COUNTER;
if (!cpuc->enabled)
val = 0;
if (cpuc->enabled)
(void)checking_wrmsrl(hwc->config_base + idx, val);
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