Commit 9a736fcb authored by Max Filippov's avatar Max Filippov

xtensa: clean up bootable image build targets

Currently xtensa uses 'zImage' as a synonym of 'all', but in fact xtensa
supports three targets: 'Image' (ELF image with reset vector), 'zImage'
(compressed redboot image) and 'uImage' (U-Boot image).
Provide separate 'Image', 'zImage' and 'uImage' make targets that only
build corresponding image type. Make 'all' build all images appropriate
for a platform.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMax Filippov <>
parent 4ab18701
......@@ -93,11 +93,7 @@ endif
boot := arch/xtensa/boot
all: zImage
bzImage : zImage
zImage: vmlinux
all Image zImage uImage: vmlinux
$(Q)$(MAKE) $(build)=$(boot) $@
......@@ -107,6 +103,8 @@ dtbs: scripts
$(Q)$(MAKE) $(build)=$(boot)/dts
define archhelp
@echo '* Image - Kernel ELF image with reset vector'
@echo '* zImage - Compressed kernel image (arch/xtensa/boot/images/zImage.*)'
@echo '* uImage - U-Boot wrapped image'
@echo ' dtbs - Build device tree blobs for enabled boards'
......@@ -21,14 +21,17 @@ subdir-y := lib
# Subdirs for the boot loader(s)
bootdir-$(CONFIG_XTENSA_PLATFORM_ISS) += boot-elf
bootdir-$(CONFIG_XTENSA_PLATFORM_XT2000) += boot-redboot boot-elf boot-uboot
bootdir-$(CONFIG_XTENSA_PLATFORM_XTFPGA) += boot-redboot boot-elf boot-uboot
boot-$(CONFIG_XTENSA_PLATFORM_XT2000) += Image zImage uImage
boot-$(CONFIG_XTENSA_PLATFORM_XTFPGA) += Image zImage uImage
zImage Image: $(bootdir-y)
all: $(boot-y)
Image: boot-elf
zImage: boot-redboot
uImage: $(obj)/uImage
$(bootdir-y): $(addprefix $(obj)/,$(subdir-y)) \
$(addprefix $(obj)/,$(host-progs))
boot-elf boot-redboot: $(addprefix $(obj)/,$(subdir-y)) \
$(addprefix $(obj)/,$(host-progs))
$(Q)$(MAKE) $(build)=$(obj)/$@ $(MAKECMDGOALS)
OBJCOPYFLAGS = --strip-all -R .comment -R -O binary
......@@ -41,4 +44,10 @@ vmlinux.bin.gz: vmlinux.bin FORCE
boot-elf: vmlinux.bin
boot-redboot: vmlinux.bin.gz
boot-uboot: vmlinux.bin.gz
$(obj)/uImage: vmlinux.bin.gz FORCE
$(call if_changed,uimage)
$(Q)$(kecho) ' Kernel: $@ is ready'
......@@ -31,4 +31,4 @@ $(obj)/../Image.elf: $(obj)/Image.o $(obj)/
-o $@ $(obj)/Image.o
$(Q)$(kecho) ' Kernel: $@ is ready'
zImage: $(obj)/../Image.elf
all Image: $(obj)/../Image.elf
......@@ -32,4 +32,4 @@ $(obj)/../zImage.redboot: $(obj)/zImage.elf
$(Q)$(OBJCOPY) -S -O binary $< $@
$(Q)$(kecho) ' Kernel: $@ is ready'
zImage: $(obj)/../zImage.redboot
all zImage: $(obj)/../zImage.redboot
# This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
# License. See the file "COPYING" in the main directory of this archive
# for more details.
$(obj)/../uImage: vmlinux.bin.gz FORCE
$(call if_changed,uimage)
$(Q)$(kecho) ' Kernel: $@ is ready'
zImage: $(obj)/../uImage
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