Commit 6839cfa8 authored by Ezequiel Garcia's avatar Ezequiel Garcia Committed by Jason Cooper
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bus: mvebu-mbus: Introduce device tree binding

This patch adds the most fundamental device-tree initialization.
We only introduce what's required to be able to probe the mvebu-mbus
driver from the DT. Follow-up patches will extend the device tree binding,
allowing to describe static address decoding windows.
Signed-off-by: default avatarThomas Petazzoni <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarEzequiel Garcia <>
Tested-by: default avatarAndrew Lunn <>
Tested-by: default avatarSebastian Hesselbarth <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJason Cooper <>
parent 6bd6b3cb
......@@ -900,3 +900,52 @@ int __init mvebu_mbus_init(const char *soc, phys_addr_t mbuswins_phys_base,
#ifdef CONFIG_OF
int __init mvebu_mbus_dt_init(void)
struct resource mbuswins_res, sdramwins_res;
struct device_node *np, *controller;
const struct of_device_id *of_id;
const __be32 *prop;
int ret;
np = of_find_matching_node(NULL, of_mvebu_mbus_ids);
if (!np) {
pr_err("could not find a matching SoC family\n");
return -ENODEV;
of_id = of_match_node(of_mvebu_mbus_ids, np);
mbus_state.soc = of_id->data;
prop = of_get_property(np, "controller", NULL);
if (!prop) {
pr_err("required 'controller' property missing\n");
return -EINVAL;
controller = of_find_node_by_phandle(be32_to_cpup(prop));
if (!controller) {
pr_err("could not find an 'mbus-controller' node\n");
return -ENODEV;
if (of_address_to_resource(controller, 0, &mbuswins_res)) {
pr_err("cannot get MBUS register address\n");
return -EINVAL;
if (of_address_to_resource(controller, 1, &sdramwins_res)) {
pr_err("cannot get SDRAM register address\n");
return -EINVAL;
ret = mvebu_mbus_common_init(&mbus_state,
return ret;
......@@ -74,5 +74,6 @@ int mvebu_mbus_del_window(phys_addr_t base, size_t size);
int mvebu_mbus_init(const char *soc, phys_addr_t mbus_phys_base,
size_t mbus_size, phys_addr_t sdram_phys_base,
size_t sdram_size);
int mvebu_mbus_dt_init(void);
#endif /* __LINUX_MBUS_H */
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