Commit 65b92e5c authored by Michel Marti's avatar Michel Marti Committed by Takashi Iwai

ALSA: hda - Add another HP model (6730s) for AD1884A

Added model=laptop for another HP machine (103c:3614) with AD1884A
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichel Marti <>
Signed-off-by: Takashi Iwai's avatarTakashi Iwai <>
parent 959973b9
......@@ -3861,6 +3861,7 @@ static const char *ad1884a_models[AD1884A_MODELS] = {
static struct snd_pci_quirk ad1884a_cfg_tbl[] = {
SND_PCI_QUIRK(0x103c, 0x3030, "HP", AD1884A_MOBILE),
SND_PCI_QUIRK(0x103c, 0x3056, "HP", AD1884A_MOBILE),
SND_PCI_QUIRK(0x103c, 0x3614, "HP 6730s", AD1884A_LAPTOP),
SND_PCI_QUIRK(0x17aa, 0x20ac, "Thinkpad X300", AD1884A_THINKPAD),
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