Commit 648ac05c authored by Dave Airlie's avatar Dave Airlie

drm/radeon/kms: retry auxch on 0x20 timeout value.

ATOM appears to return 0x20 which seems to mean some sort of timeout.

retry the transaction up to 10 times before failing, this
makes DP->VGA convertor we bought work at least a bit more predictably.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDave Airlie <>
parent c60a284c
......@@ -332,11 +332,13 @@ bool radeon_process_aux_ch(struct radeon_i2c_chan *chan, u8 *req_bytes,
int index = GetIndexIntoMasterTable(COMMAND, ProcessAuxChannelTransaction);
unsigned char *base;
int retry_count = 0;
memset(&args, 0, sizeof(args));
base = (unsigned char *)rdev->mode_info.atom_context->scratch;
memcpy(base, req_bytes, num_bytes);
args.lpAuxRequest = 0;
......@@ -347,10 +349,12 @@ bool radeon_process_aux_ch(struct radeon_i2c_chan *chan, u8 *req_bytes,
atom_execute_table(rdev->mode_info.atom_context, index, (uint32_t *)&args);
if (args.ucReplyStatus) {
DRM_DEBUG("failed to get auxch %02x%02x %02x %02x 0x%02x %02x\n",
if (args.ucReplyStatus && !args.ucDataOutLen) {
if (args.ucReplyStatus == 0x20 && retry_count < 10)
goto retry;
DRM_DEBUG("failed to get auxch %02x%02x %02x %02x 0x%02x %02x after %d retries\n",
req_bytes[1], req_bytes[0], req_bytes[2], req_bytes[3],
chan->rec.i2c_id, args.ucReplyStatus);
chan->rec.i2c_id, args.ucReplyStatus, retry_count);
return false;
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