Commit 516c50cd authored by Linus Torvalds's avatar Linus Torvalds

Merge tag 'for-linus' of git://

Pull KVM fix from Paolo Bonzini:
 "A simple fix.  I'm sending it before the merge window, because it
  refines a patch found in your master branch but not yet in the
  kvm/next branch that is destined for 4.5"

* tag 'for-linus' of git://
  kvm: x86: only channel 0 of the i8254 is linked to the HPET
parents 496b0b57 e5e57e7a
......@@ -420,6 +420,7 @@ void kvm_pit_load_count(struct kvm *kvm, int channel, u32 val, int hpet_legacy_s
u8 saved_mode;
if (hpet_legacy_start) {
/* save existing mode for later reenablement */
WARN_ON(channel != 0);
saved_mode = kvm->arch.vpit->pit_state.channels[0].mode;
kvm->arch.vpit->pit_state.channels[0].mode = 0xff; /* disable timer */
pit_load_count(kvm, channel, val);
......@@ -3606,7 +3606,8 @@ static int kvm_vm_ioctl_set_pit2(struct kvm *kvm, struct kvm_pit_state2 *ps)
kvm->arch.vpit->pit_state.flags = ps->flags;
for (i = 0; i < 3; i++)
kvm_pit_load_count(kvm, i, kvm->arch.vpit->pit_state.channels[i].count, start);
kvm_pit_load_count(kvm, i, kvm->arch.vpit->pit_state.channels[i].count,
start && i == 0);
return 0;
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