Commit 3c552ac8 authored by Jeremy Fitzhardinge's avatar Jeremy Fitzhardinge
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x86: make apic_* operations inline functions

Mainly to get proper type-checking and consistency.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJeremy Fitzhardinge <>
parent 90af9514
......@@ -139,12 +139,35 @@ struct apic_ops {
extern struct apic_ops *apic_ops;
#define apic_read (apic_ops->read)
#define apic_write (apic_ops->write)
#define apic_icr_read (apic_ops->icr_read)
#define apic_icr_write (apic_ops->icr_write)
#define apic_wait_icr_idle (apic_ops->wait_icr_idle)
#define safe_apic_wait_icr_idle (apic_ops->safe_wait_icr_idle)
static inline u32 apic_read(u32 reg)
return apic_ops->read(reg);
static inline void apic_write(u32 reg, u32 val)
apic_ops->write(reg, val);
static inline u64 apic_icr_read(void)
return apic_ops->icr_read();
static inline void apic_icr_write(u32 low, u32 high)
apic_ops->icr_write(low, high);
static inline void apic_wait_icr_idle(void)
static inline u32 safe_apic_wait_icr_idle(void)
return apic_ops->safe_wait_icr_idle();
extern int get_physical_broadcast(void);
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