Commit 3743d88a authored by Ido Schimmel's avatar Ido Schimmel Committed by David S. Miller

mlxsw: spectrum_router: Add support for IPv6 non-equal-cost multipath

Since commit eb789980 ("mlxsw: spectrum_router: Populate adjacency
entries according to weights") the driver includes support for
non-equal-cost multipath, but IPv4 nexthops were the only user.

Now that the kernel supports weighted IPv6 nexthops, we can extend the
driver to support it as well.

This is done by assigning each nexthop its configured weight, so that it
will be populated accordingly in the device's adjacency table. The
`weight` parameter is also taken into account when comparing nexthop
groups in order not to consolidate non-identical groups.
Signed-off-by: default avatarIdo Schimmel <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJiri Pirko <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <>
parent 54f7bf72
......@@ -2628,7 +2628,8 @@ struct mlxsw_sp_nexthop_group_cmp_arg {
static bool
mlxsw_sp_nexthop6_group_has_nexthop(const struct mlxsw_sp_nexthop_group *nh_grp,
const struct in6_addr *gw, int ifindex)
const struct in6_addr *gw, int ifindex,
int weight)
int i;
......@@ -2636,7 +2637,7 @@ mlxsw_sp_nexthop6_group_has_nexthop(const struct mlxsw_sp_nexthop_group *nh_grp,
const struct mlxsw_sp_nexthop *nh;
nh = &nh_grp->nexthops[i];
if (nh->ifindex == ifindex &&
if (nh->ifindex == ifindex && nh->nh_weight == weight &&
ipv6_addr_equal(gw, (struct in6_addr *) nh->gw_addr))
return true;
......@@ -2655,11 +2656,13 @@ mlxsw_sp_nexthop6_group_cmp(const struct mlxsw_sp_nexthop_group *nh_grp,
list_for_each_entry(mlxsw_sp_rt6, &fib6_entry->rt6_list, list) {
struct in6_addr *gw;
int ifindex;
int ifindex, weight;
ifindex = mlxsw_sp_rt6->rt->>ifindex;
weight = mlxsw_sp_rt6->rt->rt6i_nh_weight;
gw = &mlxsw_sp_rt6->rt->rt6i_gateway;
if (!mlxsw_sp_nexthop6_group_has_nexthop(nh_grp, gw, ifindex))
if (!mlxsw_sp_nexthop6_group_has_nexthop(nh_grp, gw, ifindex,
return false;
......@@ -4762,7 +4765,7 @@ static int mlxsw_sp_nexthop6_init(struct mlxsw_sp *mlxsw_sp,
struct net_device *dev = rt->;
nh->nh_grp = nh_grp;
nh->nh_weight = 1;
nh->nh_weight = rt->rt6i_nh_weight;
memcpy(&nh->gw_addr, &rt->rt6i_gateway, sizeof(nh->gw_addr));
mlxsw_sp_nexthop_counter_alloc(mlxsw_sp, nh);
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