Commit 30681bcf authored by Takashi Iwai's avatar Takashi Iwai

ALSA: dummy - Add more description

Signed-off-by: Takashi Iwai's avatarTakashi Iwai <>
parent b142037b
......@@ -513,6 +513,19 @@ Prior to version 0.9.0rc4 options had a 'snd_' prefix. This was removed.
or input, but you may use this module for any application which
requires a sound card (like RealPlayer).
pcm_devs - Number of PCM devices assigned to each card
(default = 1, up to 4)
pcm_substreams - Number of PCM substreams assigned to each PCM
(default = 8, up to 16)
hrtimer - Use hrtimer (=1, default) or system timer (=0)
When multiple PCM devices are created, snd-dummy gives different
behavior to each PCM device:
0 = interleaved with mmap support
1 = non-interleaved with mmap support
2 = interleaved without mmap
3 = non-interleaved without mmap
The power-management is supported.
Module snd-echo3g
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