Commit 29aaefa6 authored by Bjorn Helgaas's avatar Bjorn Helgaas Committed by Len Brown
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ACPI: add debug for device addition

Add debug output for adding an ACPI device.  Enable this with
"acpi.debug_layer=0x00010000" (ACPI_BUS_COMPONENT).
Signed-off-by: default avatarBjorn Helgaas <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLen Brown <>
parent b2471502
......@@ -1230,6 +1230,7 @@ acpi_add_single_object(struct acpi_device **child,
int result = 0;
struct acpi_device *device = NULL;
struct acpi_buffer buffer = { ACPI_ALLOCATE_BUFFER, NULL };
if (!child)
......@@ -1355,9 +1356,16 @@ acpi_add_single_object(struct acpi_device **child,
if (!result)
if (!result) {
acpi_get_name(handle, ACPI_FULL_PATHNAME, &buffer);
"Adding %s [%s] parent %s\n", dev_name(&device->dev),
(char *) buffer.pointer,
device->parent ? dev_name(&device->parent->dev) :
*child = device;
} else
return result;
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