Commit 3959f0bd authored by Connor Abbott's avatar Connor Abbott

main: comment out some asserts

parent a06666a3
......@@ -97,9 +97,9 @@ bool ParseSingleBlock(unsigned indent, uint8_t* blockBlob, uint32_t cookie, uint
case COOKIE("VEHW"):
Block_VEHW* block = reinterpret_cast<Block_VEHW*>(blockBlob);
assert(block->unk2 == 0xb);
assert(block->unk3 == 0x0);
assert(block->unk4 == 0x0);
//assert(block->unk2 == 0xb);
//assert(block->unk3 == 0x0);
//assert(block->unk4 == 0x0);
case COOKIE("VERT"):
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