Commit 14b53e65 authored by Connor Abbott's avatar Connor Abbott

make block printing recursive

A lot of blocks seem to be "container blocks" that have nothing more
than a size followed by a bunch of other blocks. Thus, blocks have a
tree structure where blocks can contain other blocks. Represent that by
increasing the indentation for sub-blocks of a given block, and
restructure the code to make parsing these blocks easier. Make the MBS2
block the first container block.
parent 1d6c61f5
......@@ -58,12 +58,16 @@ struct Block_COMP
uint32_t unk1;
// Main header for the entire binary
struct Block_MBS2
// MBS2
uint32_t cookie;
uint32_t unk1;
uint32_t unk2;
// total size of the binary in bytes, minus 8 bytes for cookie and size.
uint32_t size;
// some kind of version
uint32_t version;
struct Block_VEHW
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