Commit 520425d0 authored by Doug Nazar's avatar Doug Nazar

meson: Fix ppc/ppc64 cpu family detection

parent b1e710df
......@@ -57,12 +57,14 @@ if cpu_family == 'x86'
cdata.set('HAVE_I386', true)
elif cpu_family == 'x86_64'
cdata.set('HAVE_AMD64', true)
elif cpu_family == 'powerpc'
elif cpu_family == 'ppc' or cpu_family == 'ppc64'
cdata.set('HAVE_POWERPC', true)
elif cpu_family == 'arm'
cdata.set('HAVE_ARM', true)
elif cpu_family == 'mips' and host_machine.endian() == 'little'
cdata.set('HAVE_MIPSEL', true)
warning(cpu_family + ' isn\'t a supported cpu family for optimization')
libm = cc.find_library('m', required : false)
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