Commit 1994b327 authored by Doug Nazar's avatar Doug Nazar

orcarm: Fix flushing of icache when using dual map

On a codemem_dual_map setup, we need to also flush the PROT_EXEC alias.
parent 73986d82
......@@ -777,9 +777,12 @@ orc_arm_flush_cache (OrcCode *code)
#ifdef HAVE_ARM
#ifdef __APPLE__
sys_icache_invalidate(code->code, code->code_size);
sys_dcache_flush(code->code, code->code_size);
sys_icache_invalidate(code->exec, code->code_size);
__clear_cache (code->code, code->code + code->code_size);
if ((void *) code->exec != (void *) code->code)
__clear_cache (code->exec, code->exec + code->code_size);
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