revert alsa for release

Original commit message from CVS:
revert alsa for release
parent 4a802d74
2004-06-23 Thomas Vander Stichele <thomas at apestaart dot org>
* ext/alsa/gstalsa.c: (gst_alsa_init), (gst_alsa_dispose),
* ext/alsa/gstalsa.h:
* ext/alsa/gstalsasrc.c: (gst_alsa_src_class_init),
(gst_alsa_src_init), (gst_alsa_src_loop), (gst_alsa_src_flush),
(gst_alsa_src_change_state), (gst_alsa_src_get_time):
* ext/alsa/gstalsasrc.h:
revert back to 06-15, fixing alsasink
2004-06-22 Zaheer Abbas Merali <zaheerabbas at>
* sys/osxaudio/
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