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      matroskdemux: do not use MapInfo.data after unmapping · defae350
      Thibault Saunier authored
      And minor gst-indenting
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      matroska: Add the WebM encrypted content support in matroskademux · 04328269
      Yacine Bandou authored
      This commit:
      1. Reads the WebM and Matroska ContentEncryption subelements.
      2. Creates a GST_PROTECTION event for each ContentEncryption, which
         will be sent before pushing the first source buffer.
         The DRM system id field in this event is set to GST_PROTECTION_UNSPECIFIED_SYSTEM_ID,
         because it isn't specified neither by Matroska nor by the WebM spec.
      3. Reads the protection information of encrypted Block/SimpleBlock and
         extracts the IV and the partitioning format (subsamples).
      4. Creates the metadata protection for each encrypted Block/SimpleBlock,
         with those informations: KeyID (extracted from ContentEncryption element),
         IV and partitioning format.
      5. Adds a new caps for WebM encrypted content named "application/x-webm-enc",
         with the following new fields:
         "encryption-algorithm": The encryption algorithm used.
                                 values: "None", "DES", "3DES", "Twofish", "Blowfish", "AES".
         "encoding-scope": The field that describes which Elements have been modified.
                           Values: "frame", "codec-data", "next-content".
         "cipher-mode": The cipher mode used in the encryption.
                        Values: "None", "CTR".
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      matroska: re-activate and update TOC support · a6702a76
      François Laignel authored
      TOC support in mastroskamux has been deactivated for a couple of years. This commit updates it to recent GstToc evolutions and introduces toc unit tests for both matroska-mux and matroska-demux.
      There are two UIDs for Chapters in Matroska's specifications:
      - The ChapterUID is a mandatory unsigned integer which internally refers to a given chapter. Except for title & language which use dedicated fields, this UID can also be used to add tags to the Chapter. The tags come in a separate section of the container.
      - The ChapterStringUID is an optional UTF-8 string which also uniquely refers to a chapter but from an external perspective. It can act as a "WebVTT cue identifier" which "can be used to reference a specific cue, for example from script or CSS".
      During muxing, the ChapterUID is generated and checked for unicity, while the ChapterStringUID receives the user defined UID. In order to be able to refer to chapters from the tags section, we maintain an internal Toc tree with the generated ChapterUID.
      When demuxing, the ChapterStringUIDs (if available) are assigned to the GstTocEntries UIDs and an internal toc mimicking the toc is used to keep track of the ChapterUIDs and match the tags with the appropriate GstTocEntries.
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