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    • Dor Askayo's avatar
      xwayland: clear pixmaps after creation in rootless mode · 94dad4f0
      Dor Askayo authored and Matt Turner's avatar Matt Turner committed
      When a pixmap is created with a backing FBO, the FBO should be cleared
      to avoid rendering uninitialized memory. This could happen when the
      pixmap is rendered without being filled in its entirety.
      One example is when a top-level window without a background is
      resized. The pixmap would be reallocated to prepare for more pixels,
      but uninitialized memory would be rendered in the resize offset until
      the client sends a frame that fills these additional pixels.
      Another example is when a new top-level window is created without a
      background. Uninitialized memory would be rendered after the pixmap is
      allocated and before the client sends its first frame.
      This issue is only apparent in OpenGL implementations that don't zero
      the VRAM of allocated buffers by default, such as RadeonSI.
      Signed-off-by: Dor Askayo's avatarDor Askayo <dor.askayo@gmail.com>
      Closes: xorg/xserver#636
      Reviewed-by: Michel Dänzer's avatarMichel Dänzer <mdaenzer@redhat.com>
      (cherry picked from commit 0e9a0c20)
      [ Michel Dänzer:
      * Squashed in commit ebf549db
      * Dropped code related to glamor_format, which only exists on master ]
    • Michel Dänzer's avatar
      xwayland: Call glamor_block_handler from xwl_screen_post_damage · 0238359b
      Michel Dänzer authored and Matt Turner's avatar Matt Turner committed
      In between the two phases introduced by the previous change. This makes
      sure all pending drawing to the new buffers is flushed before they're
      committed to the Wayland server.
      (cherry picked from commit a542224e)
    • Michel Dänzer's avatar
      xwayland: Split up xwl_screen_post_damage into two phases · a93bce6b
      Michel Dänzer authored and Matt Turner's avatar Matt Turner committed
      The first phase sets the new surface properties for all damaged
      windows, then the second phase commits all surface updates.
      This is preparatory for the next change, there should be no observable
      change in behaviour (other than the order of Wayland protocol
      Reviewed-by: Adam Jackson's avatarAdam Jackson <ajax@redhat.com>
      (cherry picked from commit f88d9b1f)
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    • Kenneth Graunke's avatar
      modesetting: Use EGL_MESA_query_driver to select DRI driver if possible · 255d8c3c
      Kenneth Graunke authored
      We now ask Glamor to use EGL_MESA_query_driver to obtain the DRI driver
      name; if successful, we use that as the DRI driver name.  Following the
      existing dri2.c logic, we also use the same name for the VDPAU driver,
      except for i965 (and now iris), where we switch to the "va_gl" fallback.
      This allows us to bypass the PCI ID lists in xserver and centralize the
      driver selection mechanism inside Mesa.  The hope is that we no longer
      have to update these lists for any future hardware.
      (backported from commit 8d4be7f6
      Acked-by: Michel Dänzer's avatarMichel Dänzer <mdaenzer@redhat.com>
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