Commit c593d843 authored by Daniel Stone's avatar Daniel Stone Committed by Adam Jackson
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dri3: Don't call vfuncs on old DRI3 screens

Only call the get_supported_modifiers vfunc if the DRI3 screen struct is
sufficiently new.
Signed-off-by: Daniel Stone's avatarDaniel Stone <>
Reviewed-by: Adam Jackson's avatarAdam Jackson <>
parent 54ac0971
......@@ -171,7 +171,7 @@ cache_formats_and_modifiers(ScreenPtr screen)
if (!info)
return BadImplementation;
if (!info->get_formats || !info->get_modifiers) {
if (info->version < 2 || !info->get_formats || !info->get_modifiers) {
ds->formats = NULL;
ds->num_formats = 0;
ds->formats_cached = TRUE;
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