Commit b6b1161f authored by Michel Dänzer's avatar Michel Dänzer Committed by Michel Dänzer
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present/wnmd: Remove dead check from present_wnmd_check_flip

present_wnmd_toplvl_pixmap_window returns a window with the same window
pixmap, so the check could never fail.
Reviewed-by: Roman Gilg's avatarRoman Gilg <>
parent 4c25356d
...@@ -305,10 +305,6 @@ present_wnmd_check_flip(RRCrtcPtr crtc, ...@@ -305,10 +305,6 @@ present_wnmd_check_flip(RRCrtcPtr crtc,
if (!screen_priv->wnmd_info->flip) if (!screen_priv->wnmd_info->flip)
return FALSE; return FALSE;
/* Can't flip redirected child windows */
if (screen->GetWindowPixmap(window) != screen->GetWindowPixmap(toplvl_window))
return FALSE;
/* Source pixmap must align with window exactly */ /* Source pixmap must align with window exactly */
if (x_off || y_off) if (x_off || y_off)
return FALSE; return FALSE;
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