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Remove unused variable

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......@@ -1052,13 +1052,11 @@ xf86libinput_init_touch(InputInfoPtr pInfo)
struct xf86libinput *driver_data = pInfo->private;
struct libinput_device *device = driver_data->shared_device->device;
int min, max, res;
unsigned char btnmap[MAX_BUTTONS + 1];
Atom btnlabels[MAX_BUTTONS];
Atom axislabels[TOUCHPAD_NUM_AXES];
int nbuttons = 7;
int ntouches = TOUCH_MAX_SLOTS;
init_button_map(btnmap, ARRAY_SIZE(btnmap));
init_button_labels(btnlabels, ARRAY_SIZE(btnlabels));
init_axis_labels(axislabels, ARRAY_SIZE(axislabels));
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