Commit 9a70ce87 authored by Jan Alexander Steffens's avatar Jan Alexander Steffens

flvmux: Avoid crash when changing caps without both streams

mux->video_pad and mux->audio_pad can be NULL if the corresponding pad
has not been requested.
parent b18ad8b5
......@@ -1486,10 +1486,15 @@ gst_flv_mux_write_header (GstFlvMux * mux)
caps = gst_flv_mux_prepare_src_caps (mux,
&header, &metadata, &video_codec_data, &audio_codec_data);
} else {
GstBuffer **video_codec_data_p = NULL, **audio_codec_data_p = NULL;
if (mux->video_pad && mux->video_pad->info_changed)
video_codec_data_p = &video_codec_data;
if (mux->audio_pad && mux->audio_pad->info_changed)
audio_codec_data_p = &audio_codec_data;
caps = gst_flv_mux_prepare_src_caps (mux,
(mux->video_pad->info_changed ? &video_codec_data : NULL),
(mux->audio_pad->info_changed ? &audio_codec_data : NULL));
NULL, NULL, video_codec_data_p, audio_codec_data_p);
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