Commit 5dc2e6be authored by Luis de Bethencourt's avatar Luis de Bethencourt

qtdemux: check return from qt_demux_video_caps

Now qtdemux_video_caps() can return NULL. We need to check this return before
using it's value.
parent c9597298
......@@ -7477,6 +7477,9 @@ qtdemux_parse_trak (GstQTDemux * qtdemux, GNode * trak)
stream->caps =
qtdemux_video_caps (qtdemux, stream, fourcc, stsd_data, &codec);
if (G_UNLIKELY (!stream->caps))
goto unknown_stream;
if (codec) {
list = gst_tag_list_new_empty ();
gst_tag_list_add (list, GST_TAG_MERGE_REPLACE,
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